Diner Coffee and Loft Sale

Dreams 01.26.13
I sit in a diner booth across from JR. In the dream he is like a big brother/father figure to me though I am also somewhat attracted to him. I spill my thoughts to him as he listens and gives me advice over coffee, black. At the end of it, I want to invite him to the upper, closed and isolated level of the diner. The intention is to offer myself up to him out of gratitude.

Then I go to a close-out glasses sale with roommate. The sale is inside of warehouse/loft. Inside it has multiple levels of living space. It feels like an unlit loft apartment set. There aren’t a lot of people walking through the sale, you just kind of walk through from area to area, up and down levels. The glasses aren’t even on display. They’re just in random boxes laying around the set-like loft.

I go down a set of open stairs to a lower level. I run into a couple of blond girls, one is sitting on the floor. She tells me about all the partying she’s been doing the past few days, about all the coke she’s been doing. I look up towards where roommate is on the upper level, making sure he did not hear.

Then I am leaving the sale in a car with roommate. We talk about stuff. He tries to tell me, insists on trying to tell me, that df is having a really hard time with his current gf of 8 months, that things are difficult and that df wanted me to know it. I interrupt him telling him I did not want to know. I told him I can’t be thinking of that right now. I just need to get through my own shit first. Then as a side note to him I say that it’s “good” for df to go through this now, that he’s got things to experience and learn, that he pretty much said that to me, the fact that I’ve “experienced so much” and he’s just a baby in these matters.


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