Dead End, Glass Floors and the Excitement of Bloodsport

Dreams 01.30.13
I guess it’s that time of the month again because I am recalling so little of dreams. My mind has been preoccupied of late with trying to get back to exercising and cardio for my heart…and of things of a pornographic nature. Strangely these themes have not carried over into dreams but maybe they have and I just don’t remember.

Anyways I just got off a car or bus. Walking downhill towards what seems to be a dead end in the distance. I see everyone else who got off the vehicle/bus walking in the same direction. It was kind of apocalyptic like we had just escaped or avoided a disaster together. Nobody talked to each other but we were all sheepishly walking down this sloped streetn, which was one way, down, with cars parked on the left side.

I rounded a curve and saw my mother also walking in the distance. I was surprised to see her but also wanted to catch up. As sped up, I noticed a building on the left. It had chinese characters on it that meant it was a sanctuary/cemetery. But we were in HK so it meant a place where ashes were stored. I wondered if my mom had come to visit a deceased friend.

Finally I had caught up to her so I said hello asked her what she was doing there. Now we had turned around and started walking back up the sloped road. She gestured ahead to about 20 feet forward and I see my “uncle”, her boyfriend/my “stepdad”. She said she had followed my dad’s car to this dead end and had to get out and start walking. It wasn’t sure if she meant that both her and uncle were in a car following my dad or if she was in a car following my dad.

Either way, the result in the end is that we were all walking back uphill because we made the wrong call to go downhill on a one-way street that led to a dead end.

Dreams 01.29.13
I woke up, remembered my dream, fell asleep and woke up from another dream but I know I forgot something so I can’t tell which of the dreams this is.

I went downstairs, down the elevators and out the glass doors into the enclosed courtyard smoking area. I joined a few co-workers in a smoking circle. Beside me was a girl I am friendly with, LJ. Beside her was a guy I avoid talking to, he is fictional.

The guy and the rest of the smoking circle were all talking about something me and LJ had zero interest in. They kept wanting to draw us into the heated conversation but I had to literally start looking up, avoiding eye contact, trying to change the subject.

Above the courtyard, u can see all the rimmed, rounded glass hexagonal balconies from all the floors above, stacked on top of each other, grey and translucent with much depth and dimension. I blew smoke up towards it, in awe of the optical effect it had. I knew the guy would have no interest but in trying to change the subject, I tried to point it out to LJ and him anyway.

When no one acknowledged the cool building structure I showed them, I grabbed LJ by the arm and said, “Time to get back to work!” We went inside and entered the elevators, which were dark, tall, with smokey mirrors and chrome heavy sliding doors which closed immediately after we went in.

There were 2 other people and a big piece of equipment crowding the elevator. I talked to LJ around the big thing blocking our view of each other. I mentioned that I wondered if we would be late or how we were to get from school to class. It made no sense. Now, instead of seeming like we were going to work, it was like we were much younger, going to high school.

I have some glimpses of a large high school building on top of a green grassed hill. The building was light in color but all around it was a dense fog. We walked up the steps and through the front doors.

We walked into a large barely lit gymnasium.
A bunch of kids and several coaches burst out of a room on the opposite end. They were all cheering. As we walked closer it looked like they were setting up so some kids would have to fight each other. Some of them were scared while others were very eager.

Behind them, another small group were gathered around 2 kids arm wrestling each other. I watched all this in 3rd person perspective but from the 1st person, I was feeling the excitement and fear from the kids about the prospects of fighting their fellow students, brutally and mercilessly.


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