Vampire for a Day

Dreams 02.02.13
I was a vampire on a bender with my vampire lover. We were just out drinking blood and now we were at home making out like there was no tomorrow. Then my parents came in shouting that we had drugs in our blood. I screamed back that there was more, meth as well but it all affected our vampire blood differently. In the midst of the parents yelling at us, my mother screamed at us to evacuate the house. From her vantage point I could see barrel of a smoke gun through the front door which was slightly ajar. “They” were trying to get us for havoc we caused. We all leave the house.

We go to a big bar still on a binge. My vampire lover collapses and sits on the floor waiting while I get something at the bar. Shortly after I hear a commotion, he is surrounded by people. He made himself the center of attention by wedging self between some chairs and farting musically. I was not impressed but decided to just carry on so I asked him what was going on. He said in an embarrassed but grateful and genuinely happy tone, “I made it hun! They love what I do!” Though i wasn’t impressed with why he got such notoriety,  I was happy for him so I plopped down beside hum and joined in on basking in his moment of glory. He held me tightly. Then he said we should get a picture of this moment. As the crowds gathered round his moment yo be part of the picture I felt as if I have seen the resulting picture before and it was one I always looked at fondly to reminisce about a time gone by.

In the picture I wore a long black tee and I was tired looking but happy with a big belly as if I was pregnant. My lover held up something in front of me to pose for the picture. As the scene formed around me I took it all in, noticing the reality that will be the picture verses the one from my memory. Then my lover posed, holding up a complex looking triple decked harmonica just a few inches in front of me. The flash went off and I was dazed, realizing suddenly that I had a huge rounded pregnant belly just like in the picture I’ve always known.

I woke up off the floor as if from a dream. I was in the basement of a friend’s house  a lot of other bodies were lying around sleeping. I crawled to find my lover who was sleeping under a red fleece blanket by the pool table. I went over to her and lowered my body against hers in a tired and lazy  embrace. She returned it by lazily putting up her arms halfway to hug me. We got up.

Upstairs we mulled about in the kitchen as everyone else is got up and readied themselves to go. We are in my high school ex’s parents house. I looked about the fridge and saw some yummy flakey pastries and started picking away at the flakes. A taller person joined in the eating. It was my high school ex. We didn’t say a word, just smile at each other in recognition. Then another dude comes around the corner. He looked very familiar and then I knew. It was a much skinnier, younger version of my high school ex’s brother. His hair was dyed with light blond tips and aside from the same boyish smile that ran in the family he was not recognizable. I exclaimed excitedly and threw my arms around him to hug him. He seemed startled and surprised at my enthusiasm but returned it to some degree. My bff calls my nickname from behind. I turn back and she is wearing a very retro looking red dress. In her hand she was waving a matching one meant for me. I couldn’t wait to try it on. Then I was looking inside a closet full of retro clothes waiting for me to pick them out.

Then I don’t remember how it transitioned to this part. A musical was being cast for an outdoor public drama festival. It’s a big deal or every year. I don’t even know what play this is from but they were looking for an orphan Annie. Then I hover over to this huge mansion. There lounging by the poolside were three girls of different ethnic backgrounds: one black, one Hispanic and one south pacific Asian looking kid. I knew right away that they were adopted for the sole purpose of being disposable child actors in the city’s free play for the public. The girl saw me and stood up from her lounge chair eager and waiting for me to officially select her.

I was conflicted as it felt very wrong, the reason these kids were adopted but they seemed to live a life with want for nothing. Why then was it bad? I was puzzled and I hovered there above the pool taking in the large and well manicured grounds of the mansion, stalling.


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