Puppies, a Moonbase and a Futuristic Funeral Lab

Dreams 02.03.13
I was in a pet store walking down a crowded aisle. I couldn’t even see what was on either side of me because people kept blocking my view. I was literally squeezing myself through people just to get by. Then there was unexpectedly and opening to the left of me. I filled the space right away and found myself next to a crate with 3 black, new born, bulldog puppies. They were smacking their little wrinkly lips and yawning up at me, eyes half closed. They were so adorable. Instinctively, I looked around and found a bucket of frozen raw meat flakes. I picked up little pieces and fed them to the puppies. They were so content eating from my hands and licking their own lips, my fingers and each others faces. I was SO happy. I remember half waking up at this point and realized my real life bulldog (not black, she is a white and brown brindle) had nuzzled up beside my head on my pillow and remembering the dream still, I was still smiling and snuggled up against her more.

Next I was walking through some dark smooth underground tunnels. I was with someone who knew more about where we were. He told me that the walls around us were structured in such a way to support the weight of many feet and tonnes of moon dirt above us. Then I looked up and saw there were big slits in the ceiling. I then became the camera view and craned up through the slits and went above the structure, which turned out to be dark purple, star shaped and mostly buried. Above "ground" was the surface of the moon, barely lit by a sun unseen. In the background I could see the earth and beyond that, stars everywhere. The sky wasn’t as densely full of stars as I expected though.

Then I was in a place that felt like a 90s envisioning of a futuristic "space mall", think of a cross between the indoor walkways in the original Total Recall and The 5th Element. In my space mall, everything, the walls and floors were all painted yellow. On the ground were foot traffic directing lines painted in orange. I was racing through. Narrower walkway on Rollerblades with a hockey stick and a ball in front of me. I was skating through weaving through people and walls. It felt like someone was on my heels.

Then I came upon a secret wall that just happened to be closing shut, like a garage door. I ducked down and rolled under it, losing my pursuer. Inside Wasatch long narrow lab. My Rollerblade have disappeared and I am looking at all the equipment. I see one machine, looks "vintage". It basically looked like an old record jukebox with a glass window on too, except where the record player should be, it was cleaned out and only a flat surface remained. On the front, in the 1950s appliance style lettering, it said: Digital funeral services. I looked around to see if there was someone I could ask, a manual or a brochure that could possibly tell me what that meant. There was nothing. So I imagined it being some sort of compact upright incinerator.

I walked over to the other end of the lab and went through a door. I was now in front of a couple of washers and dryers in a laundry room. I notice old soap stains on the floor so I grabbed paper towels or a cloth off a nearby shelf and started wiping and scrubbing away.


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