Sleep Delirium and the Lost Warrior Queen

Dreams 02.04.13
I don’t feel like I slept much at all last night, kept twisting and turning but I DID dream which means I did manage to sleep.

I was super groggy and walked outside of the house following JR outside for a smoke with a group of other guys. The guys were all huddled in a circle some crouching, others standing. JR was loudly complaining how he was unable to sleep and had been moving and twisting about all night long. I heard that and thought “Me too!”

Then we all silently shuffled back inside and I was secretly hoping JR would follow me back to my little bedroom which fit just a mattress, a dresser with small TV and just enough space to walk in between. I wanted him to follow me right in, close the door behind and just take me from behind, rough and hard until we were both spent so we could just collapse and sleep. It sounded like such a good idea. But alas he didn’t follow and I stayed up watching whatever was on the little television, which seemed to be some sort of sports game, maybe a soccer match. I was not interested or paying attention.

Then I was running through these a fake burnt forest where some growth was starting to come back. I say fake because it felt like I was walking through a set. Things looked fabricated. Also I felt like I was playing a character and I was leading another character to meet a black female vagabond warrior type, apocalyptic future style. The person I led to go see her, I thought the warrior was supposed to help her but when we met her, the warrior looked at me skeptically wondering why I brought this untrustworthy stranger to her hideout. Then the “stranger” told me to “show her”.

I suddenly realized that my real job was to show the warrior her true heritage. I led the way running back through the fake set for into a bit fake set dressed room which was supposed to be the entrance to a great and ancient city. I told the warrior she was a princess, descendant from the great Orenji people who used to rule the land from this city which now lay in ruins. We circled round the foot of the to broken statues that were in the room. She, was in awe and overwhelmed, still not sure what to believe. I felt special and honoured to be revealing this news but also like a charlatan because everything looked so fake around me, I though my words were lies. Anyway I told her she had to gather and lead the people in the surrounding lands so we could live in a wonderful and close community again under her leadership and we should be prosper and be bountiful, rich with food and happiness.


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