Chasing down a Car Thief

Dreams 02.06.13
I’ve forgotten the first part of the dream but I was in the passenger seat, husband was driving in a car that was borrowed or something, definitely not ours. We just left a house that was unfamiliar to me, driving in a neighbourhood we didn’t know. Husband told me we needed gas, which way should we turn. I punched in something on my phone and said if you exit to the main street straight ahead, there should be a gas station. Instead of continuing straight he made a left turn. This street ended quickly and we were waiting to cut across a main road. Straight across the street was a Shell. I commented that there were so many gas stations in the area. Husband says, "Remember this one for next time we come."

Then we were parked in the middle of he gas station. All the pumps were occupied so we were just sitting in the middle waiting. Then we got out of the car, husband wanted to go inside the store. I started to walk behind him but I hesitated, looking back at the car wondering if we should leave it where it was with my purse inside unattended. Then I noticed my big red leather bucket purse sitting about a foot away from the passenger door. I wondered if I had out it down while talking to husband then forgot and started to walk away. It seemed unlikely. Then I noticed the car, which I can see now from my point of view to be an old white boxy American made sedan, rolling away, being slowly driven away. I waved my arms at the driver and yelled out at them. I was so startled that I didn’t start running after it until a few seconds later. Then I looked back and husband realized what happened. He was pissed.

He started to run too and so did I. It felt like a futile effort but we ran anyway. The car actually wasn’t getting away that quickly. It went down a side street, hoping to lose us but since we had caught up running, it ended up being slowed down by many pedestrians on this street. The car sometimes had to driver around slower walkers by going on the curb. The whole running on foot, chasing after the car felt very Grand Theft Auto like.

Then husband ran by and knocked a cop with his shoulder. He looked weary about the cop at first but I instantly said to the officer, "Please! That car! It’s ours and it’s been stolen. Don’t let it get away!" The cop reacted right away and started to chase after it, leading the way.

We chased into a mall, into a corridor that didn’t seem wide enough to even fit a car. I didn’t questioned and just followed. Our band of three seems to have gathered two more pursuers so now we were a gang of five. We walked through a narrow grey painted crystal hallway. There was white float light coming from one end. I opened the door and it just led to a small storage room. The cop found a set of double doors with white light glowing through the frame. He gestured for us to be quiet while he opened it. My intention was to go to the door further down the hall. I thought these doors were a waste of time. Then I wondered how "instinct" worked. When could I ever trust my instincts? Why am I wishing to choose my own over this cop’s?

Then the door was open. There was an opaque plastic curtain . Behind it cold air flowed out. It felt like a cold storage area. A big burly man lifted the curtain and just looked at us wondering who the hell we were. The cop asked him if a white car had come through. The burly man said no so we were about to turn away and go. But then he opened up both curtains and said, "This may not be the best way for a car to come through but it’s a good place for car storage." Those were not the exact words but it was something to that effect.

The 4 men in our gang went through the doors past the burly man one by one. I stayed outside. The burly man said to me, "Better sit this one out, it’s not one for the ladies." Then I thought about what would be back there and what will happen to the guys. I imagined a chop shop with random car parts lying everywhere. Then I thought my husband is good at being a good, he jumped into action SO quickly!

There was a lot more to the dream but I had to cut short journaling so now the memories are lost…


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