Underwater Apocalyptic Escape

Dreams 02.09.13
Last night’s dream felt like a Disney kids adventure. Actually it also felt like I was in a video game. I remember walking across a fiery field and into a 8 or 9 story building. It looked like there was fire inside as well.

Anyway I don’t remember what happened inside the building, but when I was out I knew I was in the video game Borderlands. Now I was in an apocalyptic landscape, running around with 3 other “characters”.
We were running along an empty highway, there were forests and pine trees all around us but we were running away from something big that was coming right now. Then I looked back and a huge tsunami of black water came from nowhere, we were going to drown.

I grabbed one of the other players in front of me who when I caught his arm turned into a baby and I kept running until just before the tsunami hit. Then i slung the chain my right hand up into the trees and Spiderman’d my way up to one of the branches. Then the tsunami hit and everything was under water, everything was covered.

When underwater I could see the other two players as well they were fine and they have made it. We were all holding our breaths because obviously we were underwater and we did not want to drown. We looked at each other wondering which way we should swim. One of the other two took the lead and I followed. At this point I looked down in my arms and saw the baby and he looked like my nephew but I also knew that it was my husband. (I know that makes no sense but it was like my husband was a baby and I had to carry him through this mess we were in as the world crumbled to pieces. The feeling that he was my nephew was like I knew he was not mine to keep, I just had to bring him to safety.)

Eventually instead of swimming I found myself running on land I kept looking down at the baby and it open then close its mouth smacking it slips. I put a baby washcloth underneath his chin so his drool would not soak through to his clothes. The other two players look back with questioning eyes wondering who is this baby and what happened to the third player. I didn’t know what to tell them I did not have really have an answer either.

I’m not sure what happened after that, pretty sure there was more to my dreams. As you may or may have not noticed I’ve been slacking and my journaling for the past 3 to 4 days. I guess I’m just tired, sometimes it takes so long to record my dreams that by the time I’m done my bus ride is over and I’ve had no opportunity to sleep. I do want to keep it up though and I refuse to just write point form, especially when some of my dreams involve so many fantastical features I want to be able to remember them precisely when I look back at these journals. If anything they are nice memories for only me, because only I will know what the sky looks like at a time or how the mountains sparkles in the moonlight.


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