Bad Advice and A Picky Shopper

Dreams 02.11.13
I dreamt that I received news about 3 people having passed away, based on generic dietary advice I gave them. It turned out their bodies responded badly to an insulin spike and they just dropped dead within an hour of eating something I had told them would be good for them. In the dream, I felt bad but how could I have known. The foods I recommended were so generic like blueberries or something.

Then I was walking through a little leather accessories boutique with my mother. She was searching for a gift for a friend. Beneath the glass display cases were many interesting and brightly colored handmade leather designs. There were clutches, coin purses, gloves, etc. All were ;very nice but I kept looking at each one and finding one particular thing about it that I didn’t like. After looking through the display of blue wallets I walked past the store attendant. Her face was showing all smiles but through her eyes she was telling me to stop being choosy, pick something or get the fuck out. I kept walking past then out the store.


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