A Hidden Gem in the Valley

Dreams 02.13.12
Again I forget the second part of my dream. I keep snoozing and waking up with only 20 minutes to get to my bus.

I was at the top of a rocky desert mountain. It felt like I had just been abandoned at the side of a road. I didn’t really feel desperate or alone but something was pressing. I was supposed to find my way somewhere. I looked around me and behind me the rocky mountain sloped down to a mansion at the bottom, built at the base, at the bowl created by several surrounding mountains. Just beyond the mansion was a path. I knew that path would take me toward my destination but the mansion was built in a way that there would be no way for me to go around it. I would have to go through, go in.

As I approached the house, it looked like it was empty but the plants in the garden, deck, grass, were well kept. It looked to me like an ancient Chinese palace. It was very rich looking. The doors at the back of the house was wide open. Actually there didn’t seem to be a door. It was just an open doorway that led from and outer garden to an inter courtyard.

Once inside, the richness that was displayed outside was inside as well. The entire inside seemed to be made of dark teak wood. Banisters and railings were all done up in decorated wooden carvings or “knots”. I felt like I was no longer in a palace but specifically in a very wealthy brothel or a rich breeding ground for courtesans/very high class prostitutes. I was curious to look around but knew I had to be on my journey and I should not be distracted. I also kind of felt like I was breaking and entering into this place. Although I haven’t done anything bad per se, it would be best if I came and left unnoticed.

I went down the staircase, a huge crystal chandelier hung above me, to a foyer area. I could see from the reflection on the wooden floor that the entrance, an opening to outside, was near. I scurried along as quietly as possible when suddenly a voice called out to me from upstairs. I looked up and saw a beautiful young women dressed in something that looked halfway between a sari and Thai traditional clothing. The fabric was a light green completely covered in various sized crystals. Any slight movement she made jingled and jangled. She moved to lean over the upper railing to look down at me, waiting for a response. She was so beautiful that I felt like she was a supernatural being.

This is when I realized I was a little turned on by this vision of a woman and that I was a man in the dream. It felt different but it did not feel “wrong”. Not wrong enough to make me realize or consider that I was dreaming anyway. Anyway, being “turned on” by this amazing, possibly supernatural being was a novel experience I wanted to explore.

She continued to stare down at me and without saying anything, she beckoned me to stay and talk with her eyes or her mind. But the nagging thought that I should be on my journey by now and the fact that she was so overwhelmingly radiant and beautiful that I was terrified I would make a fool of myself if I responded, made me just to continue to stare up at her, dumbfounded.

The rest of it I don’t remember.


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