Mystery Girl in Another’s Mansion

Dreams 02.12.13
There isn’t much detail from last night. I think I had two dreams and am only able to recall the second one now. The one I had before the short wake up at 6am has been forgotten.

I was in a big mansion, as a guest. There were kids running around and I was playing with them. They led me into different parts of the house and I was carrying groceries. Several times I would follow them into a room that they run ahead into and by then time I was in the room they had disappeared like ghosts.

I felt like I knew the owners of the house well. They had invited me but not once did I see them in the house. I was also very aware of the fact that I was very much welcomed in the house but it was not “mine”.

At one point I was in the basement which had one part decked out like a full on dive bar with about 6 booths and a dinky stage with a black wall. Twice while chatting with the faceless “friends” who sat in the booth with me I glanced up and noticed the girl waifish girl in a green T-shirt and black fringed leather jacket. One time she was singing Karaoke on stage, the other time I think I was just walking by my booth about to sit down and I saw her notice me, watching her while she sat in her booth with another person.

I don’t know who she was but she just interested me.


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