Outing to Tropical Bar

Dreams 02.14.13
Today I forget the first part of the dream. I think basically someone kept offering me and a group of friends cocaine before we went out and I kept declining it. I’m not too sure about this part.

Then we went out in separate cars to the same place. I was driving a white, low, sports car. It was something Japanese for sure but I can’t tell if there was s a real life equivalent. The driver side was at the right and the roads we drove on was a side street in a touristy area that looked like Stanley in Hong Kong. I pulled my car into a mini roundabout just in front of the pub we were going to.

The pub was pretty packed. The area we sat in had open ceiling structure with natural colored wispy linen/ canvas mesh draped over the slates. The breeze circulate through this and into the bar. Because the mesh was so thin, it diffused the sunlight and everything was lit in a soft light. It felt very relaxed and tropical.

There were lounge chairs everywhere in this main room with a stage at the front. I sat near the back almost outside of the room with two other friends who were setup with a small mixer. I looked up onstage and a friend had just got up, guitar strapped on about to start singing. Then the background music began and I leaned forward, beyond the door frame blocking my view of the other end of the stage, I saw another friend who was making the music, playing a guitar as well.

The one who was singing wasn’t very loud. The girl who was behind the mixer, instead of waiting until between songs or through a mic on the panel to an ear piece just yelled out across the bar and to the stage musicians, "Turn up the music!" I was shocked and felt she was being rude. Then I just watched the stage, trying hard to just enjoy my friends’ performance. It was working for the most part but occasionally I couldn’t help being distracted by the fact that the sound technician went and "broke the magic" of the performance.


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