Nude Protest Ends in Chaos

Dreams 02.15.14
I was walking downhill on a street towards a police standoff. A police cruiser was parked on the sidewalk half on half off and all askew, blocking part of the road and the alley way between two buildings. Another police cruiser was parked across the road. The officers had their were behind it guns aimed down the alleyway.

I believe it was a protest gone wrong and the one having the standoff against the police was a young woman who had gone completely nude for whatever reason to make her point. On either of the street beside me there were throngs of onlookers and obvious lay covert protestors who’ve managed to hide amongst the crowd.

I continued to walk closer yo the cruiser half on the sidewalk. Then when I was about 20 feet away, I ripped off my shirt in support of the woman the police were after, in defiance of the law and of social order. I was still modest though. I said a few words at the police, at the crowd and turned around to walk away, covering my nipples with my arm and elbows.

As I marched off into the opposite direction the police did not come after me. They were puzzled and they had to focus their resources on the woman in the alleyway. But the effect of my stripping down and my speech had taken hold on the crowd. The protestors among them started to chant my last words, louder and louder until it became a muffled and indistinguishable roar.

They began to break free of the orderly lines and groups along the street. And somehow the crowd began to take sides. Chaos was about to break loose and the police were few. They started to break rank from their position in the standoff and began to attempt to manage the crowd.

I continued to walk briskly towards my ride. A small blue hatchback further up the sidewalk. I was almost there. From about 100 feet away, I could see the riled up mob had surrounded the blue car. I couldn’t tell what they were trying to do.

When I was closer I could tell that the car was stuck, partially due to engine failure and partially because half the car was trying to stop it from moving. The other half of the crowd around y was trying to push it to start. I joined those trying yo get it to start by taking a position bear the rear right taillight and began pushing forward, hard. Shoulder to shoulder with me were other protestors and crowd people. These ones were on "my side".

Just as I felt like the car was about to move. Out of the corner of eye from the top left side of us, I see a stone coming our way. It was too late. Before I could give warning it hit the car panel. I yelled out right away, "They are stoning us!" Then a barrage of rocks and stones of sizes varying from an inch across to 4 inches started raining down on from the townhouse windows. The crowd around the car pushed harder and got it going. Then they quickly dispersed to avoid the stones. Some started to pick them up back from the ground and retaliating.

I hurried up and opened the door to the blue hatchback then jumped in.

Then I was back in my own neighbourhood. The sun had just gone down. I walked up a set of stairs and entered an old apartment that didn’t have much decoration on the walls. The apartment was an odd shape. The main kitchen area and the sitting area was an odd unevenly shaped four sided room. The front door was in one crooked corner. The kitchen and counter was all along the back end away from the door.

My dad was preparing dinner and my mom was setting the table. My sister was clearing a space near the couch where we would need to move the table. They asked me what happened and I told them excitedly while mindlessly helping them set and move the table.

My mom seemed interested but concerned that I was in danger. My sister didn’t say anything but seemed to think I was just trying to get attention and my dad just didn’t say anything and continued opening and closing the fridge door, taking out food to chop and cut.


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