A Dream Bundle

Dreams 02.22.13
I was walking down a street with my mom, her partner and my husband, window shopping on a busy street. Husband and I walked further ahead. He asked me why and I said uncle’s about to say something to my mom and we definitely do not want to be beside them when it happens. We pause, pretending to look at something and in the corner of my left eye I saw uncle leaning lower saying something to my mom. It lasted for a few minutes then he walked away down the other end of the street.

I waited, expecting my mom to break out in tears but it didn’t happen. She did look upset but no wailing. She just yelled out and reached her arm out in my direction with out looking at me. I scurried over to her to grab her hand and supported her as we continued to walk down the street. It was as if she had suddenly aged 10 years, now hobbling because she was weak.

We arrived at my godmother’s house where they were having a family gathering. Actually I think it was one of my godbrother’s house. We took off our jackets and my mother let go of my hand to go mingle. She seemed comfortable now but I was not.

There were a lot of faces I didn’t know. I just kind of smiled and pretended I was walking towards something. Husband at this point was no longer around. I saw a TV playing several commercials, one that I had seen playing at a grocery store last weekend in real life and I thought my older godbrother and his kid were in. In the dream I remembered this and what I saw confirmed it, in the dream anyway. They WERE in the commercial. I walked into the room to approach whoever was being shown the commercial but there was actually no one there.

Then I went back to the main foyer and looked up. I felt like I had somehow went from the second floor overlooking the foyer to being on the foyer looking up. I must’ve had a "what the fuck" look on my face because everyone was looking at me with a "calm down and chill out" expression. I looked back at the door from which I entered and realized I had been freaking out for no reason and I had been temporarily insane. After that realization, everyone just went back to their conversations.

Dreams 02.21.13
I went to the school guidance counsellor’s office to ask for an appointment. There were two of them there and I started judging their ages based on their looks. Then I was walking through a big mall complex. I walked around and sat down in front of a storefront which was actually the entrance to my house. On either side were street food folding tables. I sat down with my mom at the table on the left and noticed the bounty of food that was sitting in front of us, that we were just about to start chipping away at, was all leftovers from 2011. I stopped my mom’s chopsticks from digging in, picked up a couple bowls of half eaten congee right away to pour down the drain inside.

Dreams 02.19.13
I was riding in a school bus with a bunch of people. It felt like I was going to highschool but the bus ride took forever. We were given quizzes to do on the bus. I did it quickly, remembering that I found it odd that all the multiple choice questions were short, simple and about Tyrannosauruses. The person who handed out the quiz ripped them out of our hands and went back to the front of the bus.

Then I tried to fit in with the other kids, except people were either ignoring me or making fun of me. I felt kind of rejected hut whatever. Then the quiz guy shoved our marked quizzes into our hands.

Dreams 02.18.13
I was on the beach outside a resort with husband. The resort was behind us the sky was a clear blue. The beach was a light sand and it seemed to sparkle in the sun. It was busy. There were actually a lot of people but it seemed to stretch out forever in front of me. I turned around to look back at the resort and it just seemed far away.

I was walking along one strip of sand with waves crashing in on both sides. It was midday and the tide was strong. I started to run into the waves. At first i jumped up and down with it, going with the flow. Then the waves got big enough that I was walking into the curl of the wave. Just before the wave would crash down, I would spin around to look back at the beach, at the resort, at husband within the frame of the wave.

Then the water dropped like a curtain on it all. I should be under the water after this but I hardly felt wet. I continued to do this for several waves more. I found it extremely fun, interesting and liberating. I wanted to look back through that curl of a wave, be sucked in, under and become a part of it, to be taken away from being human, from my husband who was standing there in the shallow water lazily pursuing me.

Then there’s a bunch of stuff i can’t remember. Then it was time to leave resort town. I was at the train station waiting for my train with a female friend. We were scrambling through the train station shops trying to find pink strappy heels to go with a particular black dress and belt combo I had in my head.

I remember my friend showing me a with which somehow had the markings for time like a regular watch but used a gel like liquid as the pointers to indicate the time. She tried to tell me I had 10 minutes to accomplish my task but it took me a little while to figure out how to read her watch.


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