Playtime with my Cubs

Dreams 02.25.14
I am really disappointed that I forgot everything from last night. I have a feeling it was really good (as in there was a lot of information) and very important. There is not a trace of it.

Dreams 02.24.13
I am with a big group, my family / my "pack" (I’ve been watching a lot of True Blood…) I was with my two kids, little puppies one bigger, one smaller. We arrive at a resort complex, and walk into the entrance. It looks like an empty mall with really luxurious shops. Most places were closed except to restaurants on opposite sides of the lane.

We decided to walk through one restaurant instead of the other because iy lead out to the sunny beach. The wholr family walked along the beach hand in hand with our little ones. It was really brautiful.

Then the family split up for smaller groups of play time. Me and my dogs go to this fort built on the beach. We climbed in and went through many up and down levels. Some parts were made of wood, cardboard and even wire mesh. It was kind of dangerous, especially for the pups.

When we reached the other end there was  a fence and beyond it a big open feed. My bigger pup tried to jump over but I held him back because i could see there was another much more vicious guard dog there, sneaking about. We turned back and tried to go back through the fort but it was hard. We got stuck, could not twist or wiggle our way out. I took out a  screwdriver to try to take panels of the fort apart. But whatever I pulled apart I had yo out back together elsewhere. My screwdriver was a mini drill as well so I tried to bore a sunken screw hole into the wood then affix a screw against a big washer, against the wood. I failed and tried twice. The second time I just destroy the whole piece of wood. There was too much pressure because I did not put things I took apart back elsewhere in time and the entire side panel of the fort just popped off with a loud bang. But we were still stuck. The panel crashes to the floor of the sandy playground. I hear others in the pack come around wondering what happened. I felt like such a failure. I wasn’t able to do the thing that most people thought women aren’t supposed to do.


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