Conflict, Lost Sleep and An Experiment

Dreams 02.27.13
I went to bed in a semi fight with husband. Without getting into details, he got tired and upset and ended up sleeping on the couch. He could’ve slept in the guest room where at least there is a mattress and warm blankets but he chose to be uncomfortable. So be it.

Anyway I found myself stewing indignantly before sleep with these thoughts going through my mind: Wtf? Should I say something? No. This is dumb. Just calm down and sleep. Then I did my best to do just. Except I’m sure it didn’t work because i continued to fight him in my dreams. I didn’t know while in the dream but I recognized it after waking up. The details I do not recall but we were in the kitchen. I was prepping food for some family gathering. Every time he came into the room he just acted like a child throwing a tantrum. Slamming the fridge door, cups on the counter etc. I just ignored him. Meanwhile the family in the house could see what was going on but didn’t say anything or comment on it directly. Everyone just pretended the dinner party was happening with nothing special going on.

Then I found myself twisting and turning in bed for a long time. I thought to myself that it must be 4 in the morning by now. It would’ve been easy just to lift my head to look at the clock beside the TV but I was afraid of knowing the time and how little sleep I would get. Anyways it was 4:30am. Then in my mind I was like Fuck! I let him get to me again and I am losing sleep over it.

Then I heard the dog whine non stop so I rolled out of bed to let her out. I didn’t turn any lights on, just instinctively made my way downstairs to the backdoor. After the dog had gone out and came back in the house, I wiped her mechanically. She then ran over to the couch to nuzzle the pile of blankets. That’s when I realized husband slept on the couch and not the front room. Normally I would wake up anyone who had fallen asleep with lights on or on the couch to urge them to finish their sleep in a more sleep friendly environment. Not this time. If I tried to wake him then he was likely to be grouchy and mad. So I zombied my way right back to the bedroom.

I glanced at the clock and noticed it was 2:30am. That’s when I realized all that twisting and turning stuff from before was just a dream. Relieved that I just gained myself 2 hours of sleep, I quickly drifted back into dreamland.

The next part is sexually explicit. This time, I entered what looked like a yellow painted dorm room with a single bed and a computer desk and monitor at the foot of the bed. There was porn playing on the screen and husband was naked half covered by a thin sheet in the bed. Suddenly I realized this was no dorm room. I was in some kind of sex lab test environment. I fiddled with some controls on the computer then joined husband on the bed. In his hands he was fiddling with a handheld device that interacted with his bits which would penetrate me and record my physiological response. Instead of mounting him reverse cowgirl style while facing the porn on screen, like I was “supposed” to, I decided to face him to make sure he was stimulating me and working the device’s controls correctly. He was supposed to set the controls and then manually stimulate me during penetration but all his attention was on the controls and his hands were nowhere near me. While I felt a slight sense of relief at not being touched unnecessarily, I was also getting frustrated that we weren’t doing this the way the experiment was designed. After that I can’t remember what happened.


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