Late Emails, Shoperoo and Role Reversal

Dreams 02.28.13
I dreamt that I woke up in the middle of the night and I checked my phone. The time said it was 4 or 5 am. (It’s hard to remember because I actually did wake up and check the time in the middle of the night.) The document we were waiting for had come in. I read it over with blurry eyes. Mainly I was skimming for spelling mistakes. Halfway through it, everything seemed to be okay. Then came the part about what the accusations were and that’s where things were wrong. Instead of the real accusations it all said he was a serial killer.

I turned to him and said, “I think the wrong letter got sent to us. This basically says you are a serial killer!” He did not respond, just continued going back and forth from the bed to the closet, getting ready to go fishing. The lights in the room were off and only the closet light was on. So as he paced back and forth he was just a backlit silhouette and I could not see his face.

Next I remember being in a high end discount fashion store like a Winners or Marshalls. I was waiting to be picked up so I was just browsing in the store. Then the door chime rang as the store’s door swung open. I looked up and my mom walked my mom walked in, impatient. I hurried to greet her and she turned around to walk out right away expecting me to follow. In the car, she drove and I sat in the passenger seat. We were driving underneath a highway, along it. I looked out the window at the stores to the side, passing me by. The night started to cry and bawl, telling my mom to turn back, we must return to the store so I could buy some proper pants. I looked down and I as in pink pajama pants. She got mad and yelled and yelled at me asking me why I didn’t just buy them while I was there. I said because I didn’t want to waste money, but now I had to go back because I felt so wrong and ashamed of my lack of effort.

Then I remember sneaking into a public washroom with a girl to make out really passionately, a young, pre-plastic surgery Zooey Deschanel type. I remember feeling our tongues lock and slither over each other, sloppery and wet. In the dream we moved on to getting naked, not entirely sure what lead to what.

Then almost the exact same scene happened, except it was all in first person and knew I was a dude. We started French kissing, feeling each other up just like before. I remember feeling very eager. Finally, she reached for my front fly, opened it up. I wasn’t surprised when I looked down to find an uncut penis where my vajayjay should be. I was surprised by how slim it was though. Then I knew I was a super skinny and lanky guy. Then it seemed to make more sense as an image of myself formed in my head.

Anyway, the girl stripped down to nothing and was guiding me to penetrate her. Like I said, I was super eager, especially wanting to know what sex felt like as a man. Does it feel as amazing wait looks? I’ve always been curious. I wondered how it would feel different. As we got on with it, there was definitely a pleasurable sensation down there but it seems very muted. In my head I kind of said, What’s the big deal? I continued to fuck her mechanically, my hands on her hips, pulling her towards me with each thrust, wondering where the rest of the sensations have gone? Was this it? Maybe this is what it felt like to wear a strap-on. Then my thoughts wandered even more and I thought would it be better to fuck a girl with a strap-on, if no one was watching, vs. pegging a dude from behind. Then I don’t remember anything else.


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