Emerging from Shadows

Dreams 03.23.13
I was walking around a mountain that had various levels of elevation. I figure I was basically spiraling to the top of the mountain. The path dipped down, sometimes sloping up. With each elevation change came a different micro climate. Sometimes I could see the reflection on the light on the frost that seemed to crystallize the surrounding rocks. Other times it was moderate and there were trees ferns and shrubs surrounding me. I don’t know where I was trying to go just up to the top of the mountain, but I did notice that while the sky was blue and there was sunlight I never saw it directly in the sky it was always hidden behind the peak, meaning I was always in the shadow of the mountain.

The next thing I remember I was in the office of a coworker everybody hates. He is just usually a demanding egotistical asshole. The office he had in the dream head wood paneling all over, his desk was made of wood the chairs are made of wood and I think even the illustrations hung on the walls were big textural prints of tree bark. The place was super woody.

I saw there slouched in my seat watching him rant at me. I was trying to get something from him. Maybe I had already asked him, I wasn’t sure. But as I watched him rant, there appeared dark tree branches either coming out of him or in thin air, reaching out towards me. I didn’t think I was in danger or anything. But the effect was like the office was a cage and the cage was trying to swallow me and confine me into the same space as this raving egomaniac. I quietly pondered my escape as he raged on, delaying the granting of my request.

Suddenly I found myself sitting in my black bathrobe (much cleaner, plusher and luxurious in the dream), naked underneath and barefoot. I slowly stood up and looked at him. He looked at me with wide eyes, not quite in terror but not quite in awe. He mumbled something and went into a drawer to dig for what I came for. Then he threw bundles of cash on the table at me. I stuffed them into my robe’s pockets gracefully and glided out the door, happy and proud of myself.

I went into my bedroom and laid the bundles of cash on the bed, dreaming of possibilities. My mother walked by the room and poked her head in. She said something about the cash but I can’t remember what now. The rest of the dream is gone now…I think it involved me planning a trip with the cash.


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