Telepathic Symphony

Last night’s recall isn’t the greatest. I think I went to bed too late for the night after a night of interrupted sleep. It’s weird how these things work. Tonight I plan on going to the gym, tire myself out and hitting the sack early.

Dreams 03.26.13
I was communicating to someone, a man, via thought. But I wasn’t even communicating words or images. I was “beaming” him a symphony that I had written in my head. There were many intricate voices doing various trills and crisscrossing harmonies. It was very tiring to convey all this to him. Near the end of this musical one sided conversation, instead of conveying the whole symphony, I sent him the image of parts of the score that represented what I had in my head. Then I gave up on the sending out right, collapsed on a couch on front of him and said, “Sorry that last bit is just parts of it but you get the idea…”

Then either this same man or another said to me how they would rater be working in a dam. Then I had the image in my head of a fly-in of a damn beside a lake/river in the middle of a desert. The fly-in continued into the turbines, right into the gears and moving parts, coming out inside the dam building at the station where a man might work. The sounds of all the moving parts of the dam, this engine, was crazy loud and overwhelming yet in its own way a symphony of sound and movement. Its total effect was deafening and terrifying. I think the man was standing there working at his station with a clipboard. Then he put it down, about to stick his hands on these whole to do something with one part of the engine but I knew he would get hurt. So I “screamed” telepathically to him but he didn’t hear me. Then he stuck his hands in and I “flew out”, the whole dam and desert faded away and I didn’t see the inevitable disaster.

That last part seems a little bit made up to me…becausei don’t remember it exactly as images in my head but when I wrote them they flowed right out. So I’m assuming that’s what happened. Then there seemed to be more to the dream but I can’t recall even the bits now.


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