A Maze of a House

Another sketchy recall day. Definitely think it’s the snoozing…should really just pick a time to wake up and fucking commit.

Dreams 03.27.13
I was in a house with a lot of square rooms. I remember looking down at the structure from a top down view like a diorama and that’s how I distinctly knew the place was made up of little square rooms with narrow hallways.

All the walls were white with light colored hardwood floors. All the other rooms had occupants as well. We seemed to be milling about like rats in a maze, visiting each others’ rooms.

In the context of my first person view, I was merely hanging back in one space at a party. I think somebody asked me what my opinion of the house was and I do not remember what I said. The question was asked either because I was already living there or because they wanted to know if I wanted to live there.


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