A Poorly Arranged Dropoff and Dim Sum

Dreams 04.01.13
Woke up once in the middle of the night to let then dog out. I only remember the end of this. I was in what looked like a hotel room checking out the modular furniture. The bed could tuck away but it was out. I was looking through the drawers as I was interested in the compartments built in, checking where the towels and extra linens were. When I was close to the wall, I could overhear people in the next room or coming down the hallway. I can’t remember who they were but I an pretty sure they came into my room and found me doing exactly what I was doing. However, I became very embarrassed as if I’d been caught touching myself.

In the second dream of the night, I was catching a ride with my uncle and mom. We were going north on the main road from our old apartment. I was on my way to work, trying to get to a subway station and they offered me a ride because they were on the way out. We were stopped about 20 cars from a stop light where there was never subway station, not the one I thought I was getting dropped off at, mine was like 2 stations north. The cars started moving but my uncle, who was driving slowed down and asked my mom, should I drop you off right now or come in with you, and my mom opened the car door starting to be out.

I was like, “What?! You guys are stopping here? I thought you were dropping me off. That’s okay I can walk up there it’s not far.” Just as I was about to get out, my mom shut her door and my uncle started driving. He said, “No you’re right. Might as well drive you right there.” OK said thanks and kept pointing to the station right there, asking them to drop me off…except he went right by it. Now I started to get frustrated. I asked them where they were going. There’s no need to go so far if they had to stop and park here. They could just stop, drop me off, do a U-ey and be done with it. Now we were like half way up the next block. At the next set of lights, we were the first cars to be stopped so I just hopped out, yelled thank you back at them and started walking south back to the closest station. Under my breath I was grumbling that I was now double backing on my route, one of my biggest pet peeves unless intentionally planned.

By the time I got underground to the station just before the gates, I realized I had a fantastic walk. I saw a sign underground that lead to the next station north via a walkway. It must’ve been for emergencies or for diverting traffic when the subway got too rammed. I never knew it was there before so I decided to take it since my walk had been so pleasant. Before long, I was the station north of or the first and only had one more to go. I looked around for signs to the next station, where I was supposed to be. I figures why not. I am in no hurry and it’s been a nice little detour so far. I found the sign and followed it down a tunnel.

This time the tunnel opened up and went through a school / workshop. I walked by a bunch of older teenagers in something that looked like art / shop class. A guy and his buddy was trying to convince one if their girlfriends that the bouquet of handcrafted, hand folded flowers that were sitting on the shop table was a great present. All I could hear her say was, “Where’s my birthday present? I want a real bouquet.” She was completely denying that the handcrafted bouquet even existed or that it had any value. The guy who made them stood speechless. He looked hurt, slight bit of anger but mostly helpless. His buddy was talking up a storm, gesturing at the flowers and all while the girlfriend had her arms crossed, a small gaggle of hens backed her up. They were all in school uniforms. I remember much of the class room being green in color, especially the tables which were like big green cutting mat (with grids and rulers all over it) glued onto table tops. I went through another door and arrived at my destination.

Next I was sitting at a round able at a dim sum restaurant. I think it was my sister and some old friends at the table. To my left was Zan from highschool. To her left was my bff. We were discussing something with my sister to my right and bff mentioned how Zan used to be constantly adjusting herself and her uniform or outfit throughout the day. I looked over at Zan then and she was indeed awkwardly adjusting her dress, something that seemed just a touch too short and tight for comfort. I wondered why she bothered to dress like that. Who was she trying to impress? It’s a day function with only girls.


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