A Crowded Courtroom

When I woke I had 3 key details. Then I rolled out of bed and 2 of them fell out my broken brain and evaporated.

Dreams 04.03.13
I was waiting just outside a courtroom to go inside. Through the open door I could see the judge raised in her seat on the platform. To the left, sitting or leaning against a wall (hidden from my view) were the applicants of various cases waiting for her decisions. Since the door was open I could hear the muffled sounds of the proceedings inside.

I poked my head inside the door and looked left to see if there was room for our group in there. There wasn’t. The wall was fully lined up with people from many walks of life. When I turned back I caught a glimpse if the judge staring at me disapprovingly. I gave her a small bow in apology and exited the courtroom completely.

Back to my group, I just gestured without audible sound that it was full inside. We would have to continue waiting. With me, I think I saw my bff, my mom, my uncle and husband. I turned back around to stare through the courtroom door, eagerly waiting, assuming my group has formed a single file line behind me.

Then the sounds of the proceedings indicated that they were wrapping up one case. The gavel went down after the judge spoke then I heard louder murmurs in the room. After some shuffling of shoes, I walked into the room again gesturing to my group to follow. This time when I looked to the wall there was enough space for all if us. I also saw that another applicant had taken the seat at the desk directly before the judge. A new case was about to be heard.

I took a place by the wall, assuming my group was doing the same and pretended to listen to the next set of proceedings. However, in my mind I was actually kind of excited. I felt like after this was done, something new would happen to me. Whatever it was, I just couldn’t wait. I could feel a smile slowly creep up to the corners of my lips and I worried that someone would see me be "inappropriate" in this most serious of places.


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