Long Hall, Industry Town & Me Being a Total Bitch

Dreams 04.06.13
There was a lot more to the dream after this but I forget. I was standing in a small office, possibly naked or scantily clad. I was just standing there, wide stances, staring at the desk and the window. My back was to the opened door to the hallway. Then I heard someone coming down the hallway from the right. Then I heard my boss KS stand at the door to ask me if I wanted to have a smoke and grab a coffee. My lack of clothing didn’t seem to be no noticed which I was glad about. As I could see nothing in the room that I could grab to cover up. I followed him out of the office and turned right towards the elevators. Then I turned back to look down the hallway. It was very very long and it seemed never ending. There were an infinite number of doors randomly spaced to each side, some opened, some closed. The visual was overwhelming so I just turned back towards where I was walking and continued to follow my boss.

Dreams 04.07.13
I was being a tourist in a city with very colorful warehouse and factory areas where the streets were lined with cobblestone. It was like a renewed town that was built during the industrial revolution on top of an older city. There were old archways with buildings built over top of them.

There was a reason I was in the city but I can’t remember why now. I was walking around, following bff around. A couple times I had to ask her to stop so I could look up and take pictures of the vibrant city around me. She said she didn’t mind.

I was taking the photos with my phone but it was pretty shitty. It kept focusing and then making the shutter sound so I move the camera for the next shot and it would take the picture while u moved. The result was a beautiful colorful blur but I tried so many times just to get a proper static image and nothing would work. I loved the resulting pictures too but the fact that I couldn’t do something so simple really irked me.

Then I walked alone into a dark alley which led under a bridge. There was a mesh fence on the other end with a gate. I had just walked onto a film set. It was dark, night out or perhaps the set I was on was just supposed to be night. The scene and actors set up just under the bridge was lit by light coming from the alleyway beyond the mesh fence.

I made my way through the gate past the mesh fence where a group of crew had gathered. Apparently they were waiting for me. As soon as I got there, we all turned towards the scene. The 2nd AD whispered to me telling me to "call it". I looked around. I was not the director so I guessed I must’ve been 1st AD. I blanked out for a second completely forgetting what had to be called out. Then I yelled out, "Quiet on the set!" A pause, I felt like I was supposed to say something else (maybe roll sound roll camera but did not) so I just steamrolled through to "Action!"

The scene under the bridge started moving and now in the dim light I could see that there was a camera crew there busily capturing the action. The rest of us watched quietly behind the fence. Then some chubby schlub walked right through the set behind camera thank god without disturbing the lighting. He was approaching the gate wanting to come through to us.

In my head right there I wondered why…why would whoever put the entrance yo the set on the other side of this gate?! Who is out there supposedly guarding it? So this guy comes right to the gate holding up a card beside his head. I gesture to him asking him to move it closer as some of the writing was covered by the fence. The 2nd AD and I kept making big bodily features to tell this guy to just hold still and wait for the shot to be done but he kept coming closer and closer to us. A part of me was afraid he was some psycho but most of me was just mad. As he got closer I realized the movement of his clothing made an audible crinkly sound. I could only hear it when he was about 3 feet away but I knew the mics were sensitive. Do I cut the shot now and just reset or let them keep rolling til the end knowing the sound might be shit.

I waited and this guy just kept coming and making more noise. So finally I saw the noise had gotten loud enough that everyone was looking at me waiting for me to yell cut. So I did, very loudly so that everyone could here.

Then I proceeded to rip right into this guy. The whole crew surrounded us. We formed a circle with this guy on one end, back against a wall and I a few feet away on the opposite side of this circle. The first thing I did was point at him and told him to, I was about to tell him to get up but then realized he was actually much bigger than me. So I pointed at him then to the ground in front of me and said, " Get the fuck down on the floor! I was going to tell you to get up and stand straight but you ate to fucking tall!" There was a pause, everyone waiting to see what hr would do. Then I yelled again, " I said get on the floor so I can talk to you face to face!"

He hurried and kneeled in front of me so that our faces were level. About an inch from his face I just let loose my anger. I told him how inconsiderate he was, that he was a clumsy and thoughtless buffoon, that whatever he thought was so important at the moment was not at all, that the world did not revolve around him. I didn’t really know how long I yelled at him for as that’s the last thing I remember from the dream.


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