New Place New Start

Dreams 04.10.13
I had just arrived in a part of London where I intended to stay. So I was walking around the area. It was supposedly near the area where the tall refreshing drink of water lives but in reality, it is nothing like it.

Anyway I kept walking back and forth between two store fronts trying to find my way. I remember vaguely that when you walk out of his flat, either directly to the left or right there was a Chinese market.  Again none of this resembles the truth but it the dream that all made sense. Actually I think this area was more like parts of Chinatown in Toronto. I found the Chinese market but could not see any door in between the shops that might lead to an over the store flat. I walked by the market and found steps up and into an area which opened up to a mall with high ceilings.

I was pleasantly surprised by the amount of space they packed into this dinky looking building. Right by the entrance was the theatres. Above the entrance to the theatre they even had the old school giant mural/poster promoting the movies that were playing. It was very nostalgic. The main feature was Bye Bye Birdie. The poster also had the Chinese translation of that which was joy even close to the actual title.

I turned around to go back outside, deciding that I should focus on finding the flat and then finding a flat nearby that I could rent. Back outside I walked back down the street some more without luck on finding the flat that was to be the reference point for all. So I decided to forget it. I would go park my car somewhere more permanent then explore the neighbourhood in detail.

I got into my car and drove down a road on the left. It led to an old brick bridge which had the bottom part, the tunnel part blocked up into a brick wall. I decided I should park right there. Then I was suddenly in the back seat with my dog. There was a think garden hose dripping water and I was holding it in one hand and the dog leash in the other. I was going to just crack a window and leave the dog in the car while I walked around. But from the vantage point in the backseat I realized everything was leather and the dog would probably scratch the shit of of everything. Also this was a borrowed car from my mom.

So I reaches to the front middle console where the hose was plugged in where the cigarette lighter is normally in a car. I twisted the end attached to the console to detach it. Some back pressure caused water to shoot up but I didn’t bother cleaning that up. I shoved the hose down on the seat and used my left hand to open the left passenger door. As soon as the door was open wide enough the dog darted out. She was still attached to the leash in my right hand though so she didn’t go far but she was pulling.

I had some trouble getting out because I was also parked right beside a wall so really I couldn’t have opened the door too wide. So while I struggled to squeeze myself out the gap out of the corner of my eyes I saw that other people had parked behind me and were getting out of their cars. I remember thinking to myself, "oh great how will I get out later?" And then I said fuck it but then briefly wondered if I would get a ticket for parking here. Then I thought if I do I hope all these people blocking me in get one too.

I feel like there was more interaction with other dream characters after this but I honestly cannot remember anymore.


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