Dressing the Part

I went to bed so early last night to try and get 7+ hours but kept being woken up throughout the night. Husband started talking/mumbling loudly in his sleep at one point then he also rolled over to my side way too close for comfort. Not touching just too close. After that I just had trouble going back to sleep. It’s difficult to remember now what happened in my dreams. I wanted to attempt a lucid dream, dream about certain people maybe even attempt to reach them in their sleep but obviously it didn’t work and I can’t remember much.

Dreams 04.11.13
Most of the dream I forget. I do remember trying to get dressed for a job interview. Other people in the house were all getting dressed for stickman Ho’s wedding. He actually got married IRL a couple of years ago. People were walking in and out of rooms checking on each other’s ties, hair, what goes with what. I did the same except I was going to an interview.

I was trying to dress casually and effortlessly smart. I didn’t want to put a suit on because I just couldn’t pull that off. It would be ridiculous. I tried on multiple combinations and ended up with an outfit that looked very classic Ralph Lauren with a striped or plaid straight leg pants in tones of green and brown, a leather braided belt and a neutral color fitted shirt. The pants were high waisted and after putting then on they were definitely a size too big for me and about 2 inches too long.

I fussed over this for a little while folding the pant legs, wearing my shirt different ways to see if I could hide the fact that it was a bit loose at the waist. Then stickman Ho came into the room in his tux and asked me in Chinese, "Are you ready?" And I said "Almost."

Then it either just ends or I just can’t remember.


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