Failed Sexy Time and A Casual Tea Party

Dreams 04.12.13
Last night’s dream goes back to a time when I would’ve still considered sex with my husband. It happens like this. We were holed up in our bedroom, I suppose we were getting ready to do the deed. I was wearing nothing but a short loose T-shirt that barely skimmed my butt. I remember being by the window, shutting the blinds an looking at him while he was in bed watching me. I was actually pretty excited and feeling all sexy pantsless and all.

For some reason I had to go out of the room for a sec. I actually think husband asked me to go but I may just be twisting things. Anyway I went to the hallway bathroom to do whatever it was that I needed to do. As soon as I walked in, one of our friends waltzed into the washroom and started talking to me. Then I heard more noise downstairs and understood. Roommate had people over at the house. It sounded like about 10 people downstairs. That was cool. They’re all my friends too I just wouldn’t be joining them tonight. This friend started talking to me briefly. Then said he had to go get something to show me and went downstairs. Then immediate 3 either people came into the washroom to grab some things the back to roommate’s room down the hall. We chatted briefly until they were gone. All the while of course I was aware of my pantslessness but no one else seemed to care or notice. I wasn’t horribly embarrassed, was just afraid of making other people uncomfortable but luckily everyone just went about their business.

So anyway I was left alone there to wait for the first friend. I could hear him downstairs talking to people. I expected some delay but not too much. Eventually, after about 5 minutes total since I left the bedroom I left the bathroom to return to the bedroom.

Now I went back expecting a slight drop in enthusiasm from the wait but I was still excited and I expected too be able to get this two person party back on track. Husband however had gone the complete opposite way. He was know badgering me with questions of why I kept him waiting so long. Who did I have to talk to that was so important? Blah blah blah. At first I attempted to defend myself explaining and answering his questions but eventually I thought to myself, “Why the fuck should I have to explain myself?!” So I began to respond with much antagonism. I went back into the closet to start putting clothes back on, yelling things back out into the main bedroom. I don’t even know what we yelled at each other, it didn’t make sense. I could see the look on his face change now that he saw me trying to out clothes back on, disappointed and frustrated but too stupid and stubborn to shut his fucking mouth.

Before I got a pair of jeans on, I heard the bedroom door open and a couple walked into the room. They said excuse me if this room isn’t available for showing. Apparently we were also having and Open House and this lovely couple just happened to waltz in mid fight. Husband was about to say this room is closed but I interrupted him before his words came out. I walked out in my sweatshirt and still no pants, but now I had underwear on, and announced, “Oh no don’t worry. You came to see the house! Let me show you the best part!” I turned to husband and said sarcastically, “Honey they HAVE to see the best part!” I knew husband did not want to sell the house but i did so at this point I was kind of doing it just to piss him off. Then I led them to the stairs that seemed to go into the ceiling. (This doesn’t actually exist in our house) the stairs actually led up to a skylight hatch door. I lifted the hatch and we emerged onto a rooftop garden.

I extended my hand out to there woman and pulled her up out of our hole in the ground bedroom and house. They looked around in awe. It had just rained and the smell of fresh greens and rain were all around us. It was over cast but it just made the entire garden looks exceptionally green. I was prancing about hopping on stone ledges and edgings in bare feet showing the couple the wonderment of this garden. I looked about and knew that this rooftop garden actually connected a bunch of other buildings and was shared. I didn’t mentioning that to the couple as they looked like the typical buy-your-own-house-then-isolate-yourself type. But I figured if this garden hooked them in, then they will eventually learn the value being the tenders to a community garden.

Later or in another dream…
I arrived at an old congee/dim sum joint in HK. When I went in there the waiter led me to the back room where I found my mom, my aunt and uncle, my cousin and my sister and brother in law. I guess I must’ve had a confused look on my face because my mom said to her brother, “I told you that you should’ve stood outside the front door. Then she would’ve seen you right away and not gotten lost! How did you forget this place? I used to bring you all the time when you were little.” I wanted to say something…about how I was super young and whatever she said made no sense but decided not to and just sat down.

Then there was a time lapse. We, the group is now different, were sitting in another part of the restaurant along a hallway. Somewhere in the background an old TV was playing black and white Chinese dramas from the golden age. The group I sat with now consisted of an few of my mom’s best friends sitting to my right and two girls who were either distant friends of mine or their daughters. I can’t remember this now. We were all sitting in individual chairs against opposite sides of the hall, having tea, a drink, chatting. The girls to my left were busy opening presents. I just kind of stayed in the middle, somewhat quiet, trying to pipe in on the older ladies’ conversations every so often and the looking in on what the girls who were only a few years younger than me were doing. I had a sense though that the girls were quite well off. They had decent jobs of their own and their husbands/boyfriends spoiled them silly.

The one directly beside me was fumbling with a flat-ish package. Then finally she unwrapped from it a pinkish-hued patterned leather clutch. It wasn’t my style but it was quite nice, an exquisite and well crafted leather accessory. The other girl gasped out loud. Apparently it was the latest and limited edition from some designer. That information went right over me. I mean, yes it was nice but the designer branding meant it came with an even heftier price tag than I had previously imagined (from a worthy price that I would pay had I the money, to a preposterous price that I would pity the fool who had to try hard, save up just to buy this thing).

Then the girl who received the present turned to the direction of the ladies and loudly said, “Oh mom! Thank you so much for knowing exactly my taste! It’s beautiful I love you.” Funny thing was none of the ladies responded directly. That’s when I figured out that her mom was’t actually present. The gift was brought by one of the elder ladies from wherever he mom was, far away. Actually, I had a brief thought that maybe it wasn’t the mom that got her the gift at all but one of the aunties. I didn’t say what I pondered though.

Then one of the ladies, she had a quirky poofy hairstyle, like a poodle-fied Guile (from Streetfighter) cut. She sat there watching the excitement of the girl as she wrapped her precious bag back up, slowly sipping her tea. She said, not to anyone in particular, “That mother of hers does love to shower her with gifts.” No one else responded, they were all reading magazines. I could tell from the determined look on this woman’s face that she was a strong one, with independent and creative thoughts. She had a hundred yard Starr at the moment as if reminiscing or planning something. I had an instant girl crush on her, a new found appreciation for an auntie I,be known since I was a kid. Then she asked, “Now what are they doing?”

I looked over at the two girls, both now frantically scribbling in notebooks. I looked at the wall behind them, there was an LCD display screen with a terminal view, black, simple white text. A bunch of words were on it but I couldn’t read it. I got up close to the screen, my face right up against it. It was a numbers puzzle. Something where you start with a number, add this plus that. Them another pattern is given to be incorporated, so on and so forth. At the end of the long page of text, a blinking white terminal cursor, waiting for the answer to be input by the user. I was intrigued, wondering if I could do this puzzle myself. I read through the problem again to try and follow it…I couldn’t. My brain gave up halfway down the paragraph. Then I remember distinctly thinking that I could read this text very clearly. I thought text was supposed to be fuzzy or wavering and unsteady in a dream.

I did not think oh then this must be real but I think for a brief moment I tried to do a reality check and just failed to do another one to verify and then go lucid. That’s too bad. Perhaps I should just do more hands checks during the day IRL like I used to. That method seemed to work well before.


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