Sparkly Fashions and A Gruesome End

No split of continuity today, it’s like I could only hold on to bits and pieces but what details I can re,ember are kind of gruesome. Be warned.

Dreams 04.14.14
One piece: I was talking to someone about how a leotard needs to be perfectly fitted. I was in a sparkly neon green one, moving my arms, doing stretches, forwards bends, etc. All the while, I was telling the person beside me how important it was because you don’t want it to rip while you were doing what I was doing. The person next to me had a pink sparkly leotard on. She was slightly shorter than me and hers was unfinished. The arms had not been sewn on yet and the seams were all raw.

Next piece I remember. I was watching some sorta of new reality TV show. But then I was drawn into the screen as if I was there as the camera person. I was filming a white large van. It was larger than a 12 person van, it looked like a mini garbage truck. There was an obese woman driving and her obese son was next to her. They were slowing down so I, the camera, went in closer.

Upon closer look, she had her hands handcuffed to the “wheel”. She was actually a prisoner helping to transport the contents in this armored automatic van. When I saw the “wheel” she was cuffed to I instantly knew that it was an automatically driven car, that her being cuffed to the wheel meant that under emergency situations she could have influence over the vehicle. Her son was supposed to be there to assist her and keep her company. The whole transport of goods is part of her punishment or contribution to society. I wondered what she was transporting,

The camera panned right to checkout the back end of the vehicle but quickly returned to the woman. She started sobbing. A voice off screen asked her what’s the matter. What happened? It sounded like the police or some authoritative figure questioning her. She looked up, terrified and mumbled something about I don’t know where or how he came…

The camera ran towards the front of the vehicle. Half lodged in the hood was a bloody half torso of a man with his head all bashed in. He seemed to be caught in the hood by his shirt. He seemed to be really wedged in there but the scene just didn’t make sense. The authoritative figure leaned forward and popped the hood. When hood opened, a lot of area and smoke rose from the engine. When it dissipated it revealed the rest of the mans torso, his entrails were hanging and dripping into the engine. The bottom half of his torso was completely flattened, his black shirt completely soaked in blood

Then I suddenly saw how this came to be, but it really made no sense. I saw him, a convict in transport by flight trying to escape. At the last second, as the doors were closing, slamming shut, he attempted to jump out and the door completely squished the bottom half of his body, crunching his ribs, squeezing out his insides like a tube of toothpaste. Then I was the camera again, lingering on the limp upper body of this half a dead corpse. Off screen I could still here the woman sobbing and the authoritative figure made a retching noise.


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