Random Rolling, Work and Sketch + Drunkenness Galore

Dreams 04.18.13
I dreamt about rolling around in bed in a hotel room out of town with comedian BC. His voice especially when he whispers and sends shivers up my spine. It was a long bit of foreplay. We were definitely working up to the deed but a knock on the door interrupted us. We were just going to ignore it but whoever it was just walked in and started talking to us.

Then this person turned into a coworker of mine, asking me to do something for him. The hotel room turned into this weird version of my childhood bedroom, the ceilings were lower, the curtains were very fluffy and early 90s. The room was very pink.

I was working on an old computer stacked on top of books and papers. When I finished what I had to do on the computer, I turned around and my coworker was gone. Then I found myself standing, with a few other people amongst larger groups of people. We were all waiting for an organized run to start. I was pulling out silly scarves out of a bag on the ground and draping my friends (I don’t actually know who they were) with them.

Last bit I remember from the dream, I was working on some kind of drawing in SketchUp. All I could see was the representation on screen though. I couldn’t see or feel myself moving a mouse, a cursor, staring at a screen or anything like that. I just knew I was selecting surfaces and moving, moulding this virtual object. I felt good about this work.

Dreams 04.16.13
The dream events took place over a bender of a weekend. I vaguely remember stopping en route from one bar to another, I was definitely drunk. I went into this hot pot restaurant, walked and weaved straight into the back room, almost stumbling into the attendants.

The back room door opened and I think it was a birthday dinner for my mom or uncle. Everyone of her friends greeted me warmly, they were all obviously having a good time. I think I went around briefly thanking everyone for making this birthday celebration wonderful as I made my way towards my mom who was sitting at the back of the room. When in reached her I let her know that I had to head out now and enjoy the rest of the party. She was mildly disappointed but then quickly went on to wish me a good night out as well. It was one of the most sincerely wishes I had ever received from her and I thanked her, grateful.

The next thing I remember I was in P+K’s house which was in somehow tucked away into a basement but it was really nice and spacious. I think the main entrance led to a courtyard that was below street level. None the less, I guess I was getting ready to go and I kept walking around the whole house, into each room to look for my phones. I went into the kitchen there were a few others their rehydrating from the night and making breakfast. I go up to the counter which had two levels, the upper counter had a whole mess of phones. Aha! I hit the jackpot. My phone MUST be here.

I start sifting through the pile. Unfortunately there were a lot of blackberries and androids phones and many looked like my phone so I actually had to click or touch the screens to turn them on to see if it was mine. Then I finally found a phone that seemed exactly like mine even after I turned on the home screen but somehow I still doubted. So my bright idea was to figure out what my last text out from the night before was. I could’ve just looked through the phone history o jog my memory but in my hungover brain I thought it made more sense to do it the other way around.

So briefly I had a flashback of me with tunnel vision in a dark place, so focused on my phone punching out a text. I drunkenly punched out: I miss u. Then send. Then a flood of sadness and longing. Back in the present I was like, shit who did I send that too. I think I did go through the phones and figured out who it was but I cannot remember after waking up.

Then I left P+K’s house through the front door into the sea of green that was the courtyard.


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