Pub City Car Fun

Dreams 04.19.13
I was talking to my boss at a pub after a few drinks. We pulled up a couple of lounge chairs, the kind thou can’t really get comfortable in and you don’t know whether it’s better to sit forward or attempt to lean back and slouch. Anyways, as we talked the effect of our beers started to get to us and we both slumped down in our seats. Our knees touched but we kept talking, too beer-tired to move. I became more aware of the warmth from another body radiating against my own and it felt good. Trying hard to focus on the conversation, I couldn’t help but feel my face getting flushed but I figured it was just the beer. Our conversations got more and more animated and we both sat up to talk closer without yelling. Then, I don’t even know if we were talking anymore, it seemed like we were but now our eyes were locked on each other and his hand was on my knee, the other on my forearm and I had my hands a third of the way up his thigh.

Cut to black. Then I was walking away from the bar towards the subway station. It was night time, the city lights twinkled. The effect of booze was wearing off but I still had a lightness in my step. I saw a man running towards me with a beautiful les paul guitar in one hand. As he passed by he smiled and nodded. I remember that I had watched him earlier down by the music shop, tuning it. He must’ve just come back from the other shop by the subway station with parts for the guitar. He looked so happy and satisfied that he would get to keep working on the guitar.

I got into the back of a car, roommate sat beside me. In the front seat was another woman, dressed neatly, kind of 50s style. She was Chinese. She didn’t say anything to me and roommate. Roommate showed me something on his phone, games or something. I felt like a little kid waiting in the car to go on a road trip with the family. We were waiting, for husband who was locking up our house. This woman was going on a date with him and his “family”. I noticed the lack of my wedding band on my finger and wondered if she knew that I was his soon-to-be ex wife. Then I looked out the window at the house, still no sign of husband. But up in the tree branches hanging right over the driveway places rather cleverly was a For Sale sign. I was relieved to see it and happy too think that the realtors did a good job with that.

Then the woman backed the car out of the driveway, somehow from the passenger side. I saw her expertly one hand steered the wheel, which was one of this old classy leather wrapped, metal spoked steering wheels from old Cadillacs. The interior of the car was a light beige leather. The woman had red lipstick and a red polka dotted scar and shirt. I looked back towards the house, we were further now. I see husband run down the driveway then roller blade towards the car. There were other kids and adults playing street hockey. I wondered if his shoes were the kind that could convert to skates. Finally he caught up to the car and got in the driver’s seat. Then I think we drove off.

I also vaguely remember walking down a city street looking at window displays with a friend.


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