The Singing Book and Gardening at Dusk

Dreams 04.20.13
I woke up at six something this morning and remembered two parts of the night time dream then I went back to sleep and had another one. But a couple of hours of lying around in bed thinking about other things and I forgot that first dream in the middle of the night.

I was sitting in front of my computer but I was flipping through a big book, it was about Bible sized and it was actually a book about different symphonies and classical music compositions. The book will like the medieval illuminated books,  certain pages were gilded in gold an illustrated with colorful and ornate lettering. Ok asionally when I flip the page some mechanism within the book was also play a very spatially accurate version of the music on the page. By that I mean that when the music play I felt like I was sitting all of a sudden in the front row seat at the orchestra, it was almost better because it also sounded amplified is this the sound was just being pushed right into my head. It was a very exciting and interesting feeling.

However, I kept getting interrupted, everything few pages that I turned, husband started whining or talking about something he saw on the internet. He was on the bed on his laptop. He kept going on about stuff I had absolutely no interest in. If I had just been surfing the net or doing something that does not require my audio senses then sure I could carry on a mundane conversation about something I did not care about, but when I am I doing something that requires me to listen to experience it, to enjoy it, to appreciate it then save it for 30 seconds later when I am not in the middle of a playback experience. I was getting really annoyed.

Here’s the dream in the morning. I walked out to the backyard. It was dusk. This guy was a beautiful deep orange with fluffy storm clouds slowly rolling away. Husband was down near the end of the yard diligently working away his back to me. I walked up to see what he’s doing. He had a bushel in his one arm, the other was stuffing bulbs and small plants in two parts that were set up on a 3 shelf rack that he had set up in the garden. The bulbs in small plants were being taken out of the bushel and his other hand. I look at the plants and bulbs a little more closely and noticed some of them were not in the best shape. I thought to myself he must have cloned these in the basement, using what though store bought groceries veggies?

I asked him, “What are you doing?” He replied, “Just planting lots of veggies. Do you like it?” Before I could answer, “we’re gonna have so many! You’ll love it!” I said, “It definitely looks like you did a lot of work here. Did you grow these starter plants and bulbs?” He nodded. Then I said, “It will be nice but I think it’s going to be too much. We’ll never eat it all. It would be a waste.” Then he just kept on stuffing pots, focused join creating the bounty in his vision.


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