Sky Diving and A Friendly Shag

Dreams 04.23.13
I dreamt that I was en route somewhere on a plane. It was night time and I had a running start, then dove out the door into the clouds, into the night. I was holding some device in front of me that gave me a bit of floating ability depending on how I held it. Right now I was diving, falling straight down, occasionally twisting and turning, swooping.  I started to panick as I was falling too quickly. I started to doubt whether I could land gently.

Then suddenly beside me I felt a gentle hand holding me to reassuringly then the other hand grabbed onto the device and began to guide it. It was my first love, my ex. He didn’t say a word. He just helped guide our device/glider/ thing, making us swoop more, lowering our speed to a lesser break neck level. Finally I could see the ground and it didn’t frighten me nearly as much as before. I let go of the device, tucked and rolled to my knees, then feet. I looked up and my ex was gliding down towards me with the device, which he then whipped under his arm (it was just a big cloth, or just parachute material now) then he tucked and somersaulted and rolled to his feet.

Next we made love passionately. It wasn’t quite romantic, more of a sensual and acknowledgment of each other’s presence kind of way. Then we st beside each other and talked about how it news the right thing to do when we broke up and it would also be OK to walk away now, we would always be friends. Then just got up and left.


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