Embarrassment at the Theatre

Dreams 04.25.13
I was sitting in a dark theatre either waiting for a movie to start or end. I know I wasn’t really paying attention to the screen. My mom  was with me at the theatre but she had gone to the washroom. Then I was standing in the aisle near the top of the stairs and the exit of the theatre waiting for my mom to come back because I wanted to leave. Looking around I saw that the theatre was packed now.

My mom came in, she was surprised to see me not sitting. She asked me where her friends was, I looked too the bottom aisle and saw him sitting there, his girlfriend/wife beside him and gestured in their direction, she went down the stairs towards them and as I followed her I said, “I didn’t see them.”

She went right up to her friends to say hi. They greeted her warmly but also kind of embarrassed because they did not save seats for us. My mom told them it was alright as we were leaving anyway. Ten we left the theater back to the lobby. There, I ran into my friend and her fiance. She was happy ton see me. Aapparently they were there with her family. She asked excitedly if she could see my ring (my wedding ring) because she wanted to show her mom the intricate carving or engraving on it (not true in real life). I embaraasedly told her that I wasn’t wearing it, then felt the need to add as her mother was coming closer that I forgot to put it back on and left it at home.

My friend looked at me with an apologetic look because she knew my situation and put me in an awkward position, she had a look of, “I’m sorry, I don’t know why I asked that” on her face. After that we parted ways and my mom and I continued to leave the movie theatre.


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