Loopy Highways of Blood

Dreams 04.26.13
Not much detail today I snoozed took long and also got up in the middle of the night for my dog again. What I remember is from before the middle of night wakeup.

I was trying to go somewhere. Don’t think it was a car but I probably wasn’t walking. I just remember kind of floating, just feeling movement. To navigate to the destination I was using a handheld device, a map app on possibly my phone, except it was big – so maybe it’s one of these crazy new phablets. I remember stopping at a juncture because I was on some kind of highway according to the map and to get to my destination, I either had to get off this exit now which then loops and has many turns then just goes north. It looked like I’d probably get lost on this route or I could keep going straight along the highways with the flow of traffic then figure it out at the next exit.

Actually I think it was at this point that I realized I didn’t actually have an end point destination. I just wanted off the highway which seemed to be sweeping me along as if I was just another red blood cell swimming along in the current of my blood stream. (Not sure why I used that analogy, perhaps I had that thought in the dream too.) I don’t know for certain which way I chose because I forget but I think I did get lost and wasn’t that upset by it.


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