Nervous Interviews and A Battle of Bird Wills

Dreams 04.27.13

I go into a big building that I always walk through on my way to work (in the dream, it’s not recognizable in real life). Apparently there’s a hotel, a Sheraton on the top floor. I am looking for the way up to the Sheraton because there’s an important meeting I had to attend. When I find my way to the top, I looked down from a great height to the main lobby I get nervous feeling this “power” so went to the washroom to focus my thoughts…

I go into a stall and hang up my purse on the strangely designed nub of a hook. Then I hear a familiar person come into the washroom. It was one of the publishers from work. I peaked out to see what she was up to. She’s usually pretty clueless but today she seemed sharp. I decided to poke my head out to say hi. She was startled to see me. She seemed to want to evade my casual yet friendly questions as if she was hiding something. I think she was gunning for the same job that I was I interviewing for (that’s the big meeting). She’s got a ton more experience than me so I started to become even more nervous.

When I exited the bathroom, I was no longer on my way to the meeting. I was with my mom, grabbing our luggage, trying to reduce the amount we are bringing to pass airport security. I feel like we packed a house’ worth, like we were moving our lives overseas. She got upset because she did not want to part with her things. I tried my best to reduce my stuff and ended up grabbing some non-essentials anyways.  They had sentimental value to me somehow: they were some vintage accessory items, like a grey LV bowler bag and some other things that resemble cherished items from childhood (which I can’t recall now).

Then I look out over to another ledge. Below was the lobby and another concourse area.  But out beyond this other ledge, it actually led outside.  I see a giant colorful bird perched on a non-existant “branch” preying on a small white-grey chubby cartoonish bird closer to where I stood. The big bird had blue feathers all over with a greenish sheen like a peacock.  It had a long beak and brilliant long red tail feathers. The big bird tried to grab the small bird with its beak but the small bird was swift in its movements and escapes. The big bird tried again, this time it clamps down on little one. It didn’t “crunch” the little bird, somehow the little grey bird was prying the big bird’s beak open with all its strength but it looked painful. I started to yell out loud and jumped up and down where I was, cheering on the little bird, giving it words of encouragement. I said “Fly away little grey bird! You can get away!” The little bird managed to collapse itself, surprising the blue bird because the struggle between its beaks suddenly stopped. Then the grey bird rolled and did a summersault out of the big bird’s beak and flutters away to safety. Before the big blue bird even realized what happened, the grey bird was gone, far away. The big blue bird because very angry. I could see it flapping its wings in anger, swishing its tail feathers around. I just stood there staring at what remained of the scene, satisfied for the little grey one.


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