Working Out of My Element

Dreams 04.29.13
I went into the TV station early to pack up some basic equipment, then wait for a cameraman to go out on a shoot. A couple of other camera men come into the equipment closet and said, “What’s this? Why are you working? Do we have no one left?” I smile, shrugged and said, “I guess not.” Then continued to pack batteries.

One of the camera men reach into my gear bag, takes out the little camera and said, “Do you have the right one? These are a little different from when you last worked.” I took the camera from him and looked at it. It was a touch different. The focus ring could be popped out so that you could have a better grip on them. I said, “Thanks, it’s the right one but it has been a while hasn’t it?”

The two cameramen settle into the couches and one of them asks me where I am going. Anyway, long story short since I can’t recall the details, somehow in the brief conversation with them, they ended up sending me out alone. I stop at a cafe hangout of the cameramen’s on the way to the location, see a few other familiar faces then went in my way.

Then I remember working on the system migration that I am actually working on at work in real life. I was going through one particular stage of it. Another person was working with me remotely and whatever I was doing on the computer just wasn’t working. Like I kept going through the “right” motions with my mouse and keyboard but nothing was happening. I was sitting there alone getting frustrated, knowing it was pointless to get upset. Plus I didn’t want my work colleague on the other end of an IM chat window to think I was nuts. At the same time I still wondered if anyone could somehow feel my frustration.


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