Delicious Kisses and Partytime Tub Watch

Dreams 05.01.13
I greeted a group of male friends. Everyone got hugs and pecks. At the edge of the group were two fit celebrities who were also my friends in the dream. I greeted them with a little extra oomph because well, they were hot.

The first I hugged deeply, touched his muscular arm while I leaned in for a peck on the lips. As we kissed, I put my hand on his cheek and lingered there as pulled our faces away. He was grinning like a goof and I patted his cheek.

Then I greeted the next hunky celebrity friend. He was much taller than me. I was standing kind of perpendicular to him. He had to hunch over and lean down for the peck and he had his right arm grab me by the waist from the front for the hug. Being so short, I had to almost tilt my head all the way to look up at him and reach up with my body. In doing so my top rided up a little at the front, exposing my skin to feel the warmth of his slightly hairy arm. Just as before I put my hand on his cheek as we kissed on the lips. Ooh it sent shivers down my spine. It was a delicious kiss. These kinds are the best.

We pulled away, lingering, savouring the moment. I turned the tall one’s cheek to get a better look. There was a little tattoo near his left side burn of something that looked like the Stonecutter symbol from Simpsons. I laughed at his and pushed his cheek in a mock slap. Then I don’t remember what happened next.

Later on in the dream, I am sitting in a raised bathtub in. A very foamy bubble bath. Except I wasn’t in a bathroom, the bathtub was in the corner of a larger room that looked like the front foyer of a mansion. There were actually a lot off other people around, all dressed to go to cocktail parties and drinks and champagne glasses in their hands. I feel like I was in my house and these people were all my guests. Except they were all on their way somewhere to another party but I was not.

I see a group of frienemies walk through the front door just as I was standing up out of the bubble bath. I had a tasteful, very retro, black maillotte style bathing suit on underneath. I saw the frenemies glance my way as I stepped out while they briskly tiptoed behind their men leading the way, dressed up very nicely in black but with no individuality, no pop to their style. I scoffed at their reaction to me, to myself. Then I reminded myself that I didn’t really care. They could all go to their New Year’s party. I have no one to go with. I could go alone but would it be fun with real friends nowhere in sight.

So I decided to just sit back down in the warm bubble bath and observe my guests. Halfway across the room, I see the two younger girls from work and her boyfriend. They were all dressed to the nines as we’ll for New Year’s. The one who reports to me had on a lovely style black dress. It had a ruffly asymmetrical short front, long back shape. It glittered in a slinky way and the ruffle edges were a sparkly bronze color. She looked stunning in it. She pretended to dance and a him my to the floor awkwardly,because she was balancing in her stilettos. Then she said to her friend, “I don’t think I can do this, it’s too short.” Her friend who was in a much easier to deal with buy not nearly as sexy dress said she would be fine, she really wasn’t paying much attention as she was adjusting herself. Then the girl contemplated putting on black leggings to just make it easier on herself. It took away from the sexy legginess but not the breezy cool factor of the dress.

As I sat there in the tub I wanted to tell her she had nothing to worry about either way. She looked amazing. She was smart and stylish. Anyone who thought otherwise could go fuck themselves. But u just sat in my warm tub covered in bubbles, content.


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