Sabotage my work, will you?

It has been a busy start of the month. A certain project important to my role has been occupying my mind. I find myself dreaming about it sometimes. Since those dreams weren’t interesting in the least bit, plus I barely remember the details what with the low quality sleep and rushing to catch the bus, I never bothered recording them. Today’s dream though had a mildly significant difference.

Dreams 05.07.13
In short I was busy working on the project that is launching within the month. A lot of the day to day work is being handled by someone more junior. However, she brought up an issue to me that was barely related to our department. Well it was related directly but I had to jump through quite a few hoops, talk/email a whole bunch of people just to see why something didn’t go the way I asked for it to be done, a process set in place, a process that was trusted and worked, ages ago.

At the end of the chain, I found out that it was husband who requested or created the process for an unnecessary change that resulted in a mistake that our department would end up fixing. When I found out I was quite mad. I just thought, he had NO RIGHT! It didn’t even have anything to do with him, his job or his department. But he just had to do a little something to sabotage and instigate problems. Also, if he had any idea at all what I do for a living, even the faintest clue, he would know to a) either ask me for my advice or b) just left it to me and my departments’ efforts! I just remember being very frustrated but felt very restrained because I wanted to yell at him but had to maintain professionalism.


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