Dirty Minds and Dark Spaces

Details and order are probably all a little off

Dreams 05.08.13
I went into a basement of someone’s house. There was a couch there facing a TV. It wasn’t particularly dirty but it wasn’t particularly clean either. The couch was a brown velour with a light beige throw, thrown have on the couch, half on the floor. I hollered at whoever was in the bedroom to let them know I was out here waiting, then decided to make myself comfortable on the couch.

I picked up the remote and flipped through the channels. Then a mildly wicked thought came into my mind and I thought about watching the porn channel. I wondered if the person I was waiting for had it. Then my thought was, of course this person had it’s at least they would have access to it. Wouldn’t it be funny and embarrassing but curiously where would it lead if they came out of the bedroom, ready to out and instead find me all horny, almost masturbating to porn on their couch. I didn’t do it. But my dream fantasy was almost close to being acted upon when the person came out of the room and announced that they were ready to go. It was husband. I was disappointed but for whatever reason we had to go out as a couple.

Then I was sitting with him on a double decker bus, touring a city. It was one of those open air double deckers. I loved the novelty of sitting up there so I enjoyed the sights anyway. We sat in the front left corner of the bus. Then there was a commotion at the back, I turned my body to look, my elbows were resting on the seat back and front rail in a way where my hands and fingers were just dangling. When I turned my body to look, somehow it made my hands brush past the front of husband’s jeans and I felt a reaction. I looked him in the eye and he did the same but expectantly. My look and silence in return told him, don’t even think about it. Not gonna happen. I continued to turn my body to look and as I did so, my mind briefly lingered on his man parts. Then I pushed it out of my mind.

When I had fully turned to look at the commotion, I was now standing inside a darkly wooded kitchen/temple looking place. My eyes were still adjusting from being in bright sun light to indoors. I see that further down the large room ,which was all covered in very dark polished wood, with brushed chrome hardware accents here and there, a group of people gawking at the surroundings. It was the tour group we were a part of.

I say the place looked like a temple because it had that quiet, incense-y, reverent atmosphere. There was sunlight coming in from a skylight above. I also say it looked like a big gourmet kitchen because all the counters, cupboard surfaces were smooth and the hardware mostly hidden. Anyways I really had no idea where I was, just knew I should probably head towards the tour group.

As I walked towards them, I had a flash of deja vu and saw a similar tour group, lining up just where they were, but going up a flight of rickety stairs, waiting for a free gift or blessing, I shook off the deja vu and wondered if it was deja vu or a premonition. I thought maybe if I started a line up now, I would be the first to receive a free blessing. Then I thought, wait but that feels like cheating. Then I thought, you don’t even know if what you saw was real or imagined. As I was mulling this over, I see from the corners of my eyes that the tour group was slowly forming a line. A rickety staircase/ladder was being powered from the second floor down towards the group. In that moment I reprimanded myself for not trusting in my instinct. Now I would be at the back of the line.


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