Messy Bachelors and A Meeting by Instinct

Dreams 05.11.13
I was just arriving at a newly opened pub with 3 male friends, attending a semi bachelor party. I can remember very distinctly what the bar, the floor and the quality of the light in there looked like but I’m not so good with wordy descriptions.  (Well, I can be wordy but not sure how well it really conveys the idea.) One of the friends I was with was the groom and as soon as we stepped foot in the bar one of the other guys I was with tools me to make sure he was okay. The groom seemed to be pissed drunk already though as one of the other buddies was already propping him up. I tapped the groom on the shoulder as him and the other buddy were looking the other way. They turned towards my direction and the groom projectile vomited on the nicely oiled green leather shoes of the third friend beside me. The guys all laughed but I just thought, what a shame for the guy’s shoes.

Then the four of us were in a taxi. I suppose we were on the way to someone’s house to continue the festivities in a more relaxed environment for the groom. It was broad daylight, sometime in the afternoon. The town we were driving through looked quiet. It had a small town in Europe feel. The 3 guys and were all being rowdy and the taxi driver just kind of ignored them.  I sat in the rear driver side seat, just staring out the window watching the scenery go by, observing everything.  Then I noticed that we were turning down a familiar looking street.  Now we entered an area that had tall apartment buildings like the ones in apartment communities in Hong Kong.  Just as we made another turn down a street, I told the driver to stop here to let me out.  The 3 guys barely noticed what was going on until I was halfway out the door.  The more sober one in the front passenger seat asked me what was going on. I told them to go on ahead, I needed to make a stop here for something.  I couldn’t possibly have been more vague.

The taxi drove off behind me and I looked up at the tall building in front of me, the gates to the apartment complex inside closed. I began to walk towards it when someone to my left rear called my name.  It was my cousin who lives in Hong Kong. I was pleasantly surprised to see her but also startled. I didn’t expect to have to socialize with family at the moment. We went through the usual song and dance of “Oh we should get together soon!” and “Yes that would be lovely!” Except she threw a monkey wrench at me and asked if I wanted to just sit and have tea now. I was completely caught off guard. I knew I had arrived at this building for some purpose. Some instinct told me to stop here but I didn’t yet know what. I really would’ve preferred to finish this little adventure today, or at least continue it until I had more information. Then my cousin said, “I just live right here, you should just come up for a bit!” And before I even decided to do so, I found myself sheepishly following her through the gates.


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