Snow Trek in the Mountains and the Dreamy Grind

Dreams 05.14.13
It was night and windy. I was on a snow covered ledge on a mountain. In front of me were two peaks and a wide pass, to the right, a ledge joined up with the front of one peak. Off the ledge there was just snow, fog and darkness. It was a long drop down.

I knew I had to cross the ledge to get to the edge of the peak. There I would, should, find the entrance to a cave. In my head, I remembered voices from someone unknown warning me that each step on this ledge could be treacherous. The entire ledge was an ice sheet. I would need to dig in slightly with my cleats and the snow/ice walking tool in order to get a proper foot hold so the wind didn’t blow me right off the cliff. Digging just a touch too deep would result in the entire ice sheet crackling and splitting off from the rest to the mountain. I gripped the tool in my right hand determined to move on. The tool was strangely like an electric razor.

I crouched low, touched the tool to the snow covered ice and began to walk forward. As I moved forward one step at a time, I heard the sound of the tool scraping at the ice underneath. My body was bundled up in warm but light clothing. Aside from the scraping of my cleats and the tool, I barely heard the wind whistling through the mountain.

Finally I reached the part where the peak met ledge and I found a small crevice that I could fit under. I tucked myself in, conformed my body to the natural shape of the rock to take shelter from the wind. Looking out, back at the ledge I had crossed, I could barely see my tracks as the snow and wind had covered most of it already. I felt along the crevice and followed the rock which seemed to open up until I found a concave part, which then opened up to a larger hole. Alas, I had found my cave entrance.

Turning the corner into the entrance of the cave, I was met with total darkness. I couldn’t tell whether there was actually an opening there because the light played tricks on my eyes. Part of the darkness in front me seemed to glisten as if I was actually faced with a wet rock wall. I fumbled around for my flashlight and pushed the spongy dome button to turn it on. What I saw was actually a dark cave opening in front of me and a door to the right. I had not expected this door but knew instinctively that I was supposed to go through the cave. However, since I was here I should try the door as well to see where it led.

I turned the handle and it moved! So I pushed it open and entered the room beyond. Within a few steps, sensored lights flickered on from several sides. I was standing inside a public washroom built right into the cave. To my left were sinks and to my right were stalls. At that moment, realizing I had been bundled up for hours in my gear, I suddenly had the urge to pee. I made my way to the at all and just before I got to it, threw my waist pack on the floor and wiggled out of my upper jacket which ended up on the floor as well. As soon as I sat on the toilet seat, I relieved myself with a sigh.

To my horror, I saw that the toilet had a leak and the trail of urine slowly trickled down slope towards the drain in the floor, just beyond my pile of bags and clothes! I panicked and tried to finish while swiping my legs in front, under the stall wall, trying to kick my stuff out of the way. A few swipes and the pile was just out of reach. It would not do if my jacket became urine soaked. I could wash it right here in the washroom but I would have no way to dry it. I could not go out into the cols, bundled in wet clothes. My only other option was to wait for it to dry but that would seriously delay my journey.

Then I heard noises, people coming through the door. I jumped at the sound and managed to actually kick my pile of stuff just out of the urine’s path towards the drain hole. Then I stayed quiet as I heard the 3-4 people enter the main room of the washroom. There was definitely 1 girl and a couple of guys, maybe another girl. I saw their feet stop in front of the drain. One of the guys, the one who stopped on front of the drain looked a the wet liquid seeping into the drain and noticed my pile of stuff on the floor. He said something like, “What do we have here?” The others distracted him, not caring what he was puzzling out, obviously suspecting another person, me, in this washroom. Then they left. I never saw their faces but I got the feeling that they would have been upset if they found me, I definitely did not want to be found.

I came out of the stall, picked up my stuff, bundled myself up again and went on my way.

Then I was in the office, talking to someone on the sales team. We started looking at work documents. She told me how much she liked it the way it was before a certain date when someone else who no longer works here managed the file. I told her I have no idea what she was referring to. I said I needed to go find an archive of the old file in order to know what exactly she liked about it. She kind of stopped paying attention to me and walked off. Then I just remember feeling chained to my desk with monitor tunnel vision. Get everything seemed to have a pastely color scheme. It was dreamy and unreal.


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