Rip N’ Roll

Dreams 05.15.13
The only bit I recall from last night’s dream is so boring. I was ripping thin, foamy double sided clothing tape off a roll in an attempt to tape up the hems of my pants legs. You know how double sided tape has the tape side and then the more plastic side that covers the adhesive of one side. I wasn’t able to rip the plasticky side, just end up twisting and warping the edges. I do end up ripping it off, but not cleanly or neatly. That really annoyed me. Such a simple skill that I always had trouble with and once upon a time in real life it was essential to my day job. It was something I got over and “mastered” and now I can’t rip tape cleanly, not even in dreams. It frustrated me quite a bit.

When I woke up I heard the sounds of a thunderstorm and rain pouring down on the roof of the house. I ended up folding up the hems off my jeans today. I wonder if hearing the sounds of rain triggered the content of the dream.


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