Flooded Crossroads Lead to a Bar Named Mecca

Dreams 05.16.13
I was walking my dog in a nice neighbourhood. There was someone else walking with us not sure who. It would make sense if it was husband but it wasn’t. It was someone bigger, taller and mostly I felt at ease.

Big trees lined the streets. The road was wide but quiet. We came across an intersecting road. We crossed the closer side. Then I stood in the median and watched myself cross the yield lane with the dog. The curvy yield lane was completely flooded by about 2 feet of water. It was like a slow river flowing past.

I watched out of my body as the dog led the way with me behind her, leash outstretched. She stepped into the river of a road, felt the water then hesitated. She turned her head back to look at me and saw me urging her on. Bravely she stepped in and emersed her whole body but her head. With her head poking out, I watched as we crossed. Then I saw us step into the empty parking lot across the road. I could see that on the far side of the lot there was a bar. I saw the guy who was with us catch up to me and the dog.

Then back in my body, in the bar. We stepped up to the bar counter. The guy with me talked to the bartender to get drinks. I sit on a bar stool and the dog settles underneath the lip of the bar counter. The bartender slides my drink in front of me and comments on how darling my dog is. I smiled, thanked him, took a sip of my beer and looked around the bar. It was kind of a super casual dining place where a lot of locals just came to hang. Plus they let my dog in to chill! I was pleased.

Then I don’t know where the guy who came in with us went but I guess I was waiting for my friends m+m. IRL, we have plans to meet up in the next couple weeks. I guess I was thinking of them.

We didn’t have a whole lot to say to each other. We grabbed more drinks, I specifically remember ordering a whiskey with coke and even after the words came out of my mouth I thought it was weird. We slipped behind the bar counter to the back room and chilled out on a couch there. Now it felt like we were just in their apartment. We were watching an old TV mounted into the corner of the ceiling. We weren’t really watching but we chatted.

The conversation warmed up eventually and I think I told them briefly of my situation but specifically refused to say much more. Then I thought to myself how nice it was to just see friends and catch up. It’s been so long I didn’t even remember what hanging out normally with friends felt like.


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