Commune Living

Dreams 05.17.13
There were definitely three parts to the dream(s) from last night. I only remember the first two.

I was just waking up in a house, kind of a commune in London, with bff and a bunch of her friends. Everyone was waking up and some leaving the house right away. It felt like we were all supposed to get up to go get breakfast together.

The house was cramped, a row house with several levels. It is simplistic, just furniture, utilitarian, no wall hangings or pictures. I went into the kitchen or washroom to “get ready” except I just remember hazily looking at knick knacks on the shelves, in drawers. I distinctly remember finding many small toys, models, mostly action figures. Then there was a knock on the door and bff’s voice came through asking if I was ready. I rushed whatever I was doing, opened the door and left the house. As soon as I stepped outside I saw the vantage point from the top of the roof looking down at me and the rest of the gang leaving the house and heading down the street.

Next part I remember, I was at my desk in the office and the project manager kept coming over to my desk to get me to test bugs on our sites. She came over several times. There wasn’t anything memorable in this dream, just work and process. It wasn’t good, bad, happy, stressful – nothing. It just happened.


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