Empty boxes can make a lot of noise when they fall.

Dreams 05.20.13
Standing in my mother’s kitchen, I had just come upstairs from some kind of work in the basement. I was staring at the contents of a drawer as my mother and uncle prattled on about something, giving me welcomed advice, no doubt, but I was not paying attention. I zoned out looking at the gleam and shape of silverware and utensils.

Then we heard a rumble as if heavy things had fallen off a shelf from the basement. I didn’t remember what I had been doing down there so I was afraid that either my whole afternoon’s work had been ruined or that my being down there had somehow caused it. The three of us rushed down to the basement. In hind sight, why did we rush? If things had fallen they had fallen. Could it be better if we rushed down? I suppose there’s always a chance.

We found a couple of small boxes toppled on the floor. These were definitely not big enough or heavy enough to have caused the commotions he heard earlier. The three of us looked around, puzzled. We split up and walked around the basement.

Now the “basement” had turned into a mini market that we ran. We were actually trying to shut down for the evening so we were walking up and down the aisles finding lingering customers to let them know the store was closed. I ran into an few people and gave them my standard line but I felt an urgency, like if we Don t clear out the store and shut it down soon, something bad would come. I didn’t understand the feeling but continued to act on it.

As I backed away from the aisles I could see that out store had very wide aisles. Large signs were very obvious and on the back wall there was a hot food counter. I seemed to be able to continue to back up forever as there seemed to be no “fourth” wall in this store. It was more like a set.

To the left of the whole store I saw the last of the customers leaving through the entrance., I nodded and smiled goodbye to them, relieved. Outside it was dark grey and pouring rain a thunderstorm. Then I saw her run up to the entrance, to come into the store, I was horrified. Now I knew what the feeling was something terrible was going happen. Either verbally, something physically done to the store maybe…it was Betty Draper Francis from Mad Men. I’ve been Mad Men marathoning this past long weekend.

In my waking state I can’t quite say what I was afraid of but I really identify with Betty’s character in a lot of ways. I think I was feeling the resentment and destructive energy and I knew the consequences of that would be very bad.


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