Strange Scenes and a New City

There was a “scene” where I was working at the office. I was very focused but then I stood up suddenly to look around. Then I saw myself from the back of my head. The background (where I was looking) was all blurred. The colors were all saturated.

Then I was “watching” cats and dogs doing weird shit. It was like watching short YouTube clips. The first one was two kittens. One was sitting looking up and left. The other kept trying to climb over its head but slipping and falling off. The second one was a dog lying on its belly. A kitten was nibbling at its fur, shaving it. Most of the fur on its head and half way down its back had been nibble-shaved right down to skin already. It was a surprisingly clean job.

I was leaving the house (not my real house). It felt like I was in a city, a foreign city and I was new to it. I left the house on a bicycle or four wheeler. I had a vision of which way to turn, where I should be going to arrive at my destination but I ended up taking a wrong turn into a plaza. The doors that led outside, it led to a one way road and I was not allowed to turn where I needed. I ended up being lost, peddling around town on my bike.


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