Sick of Waiting and Young Men

Dreams 05.29.13
Waiting for husband to leave house so I could either go back to sleep or have a nice little “me time” before I have to rush out of the house. I keep listening for sounds. It kept sounding like he was gone but then I’d hear loud stumbling and  stomping.

Finally I got sick of waiting. I swing open the door to go to the washroom. Suddenly there was no sound. Then I look down the stairs and husband was in the front foyer slowly petting the dog but the dog was kind of trying to run off to play but he was gently forcing her on her belly so he could pet her. I rolled my eyes and was about to go into the washroom when one of our buddies bigE came out of his office. He was startled to see that I was home and shly said hello.

Then I was walking into a school and I said to the girl beside me, who was apparently either my daughter or my niece, “I’m sticking with you today.” We walked into a main hallway. It must hav been in between classes as the halls were packed. We ,Ade our way through the crowds to a group of people. I feel like the age range of the group was anywhere between 16-25. Some of the guys looked like they were in their early 20s. The huntress in me said they looked delicious.

There was a lot of conversation going on amongst the group. Somehow we talked about studying for exams and I loudly announced that I still need a study partner, then remarked while looking at the guys that my study partners get fringe benefits. A bell rang, signaling the start of the next classes and we started moving as a group. One of the guys, a young James Franco lookalike came towards me and pressed his body towards mine. My right hand slipped under his shirt and brushed gently up the chiselled abs hidden beneath his shirt. I saw his face as I did this, he tried to just smile but I could tell how my touch sent small jolts of pleasure into him.

Then I was with buff at some crappy warehouse sale. We had picked out a few items and hung them on the racks. Then we grabbed some accessories and I headed over with bff to the cashier. Then we realized we forgot the items on the rack so I told bff that she should wait in line and I’d go grab our items. Near the rack where our clothes were, I saw some light leather/latex jackets folded in plastic packs on the floor in a small pile.  I picked up a red one in a size slightly too big and tried it on. When it was obviously too big, I grabbed the sealed pack on the floor to see if it was a smaller size. At the same time, another hand reached for the pack. I looked up, it was bff’s tall skinny cousin. There was a quick moment of embarrassment between us.

Then bff came up to say hi to her cousin and since I had the package in my hand, her cousin got distracted so I tore open the package and fluffed out the almost translucent latex/leather red coat. It looked more like a raincoat now.


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