A Walk with Fireworks and An Offensive Accusation

Dreams 05.31.13
Woke up too early today for a thing at work and I’ve forgotten most of the dream so this recall will just consist of bits and pieces.

I was walking a dog around a familoar but not my own neighbourhood with a friend. It was night. The neighbourhood was in a mid rise condo neighbourhood. The street lamps were on and we were walking through pools of orange light. It must’ve been a holiday as there were many people on the street gathered in groups. There was a festive air about everyone we passed. Occasionally we saw fireworks go up into the night sky but there were no bangs.

As I walked I felt a bit like I was walking drunk. Part of the dream I remember walking into a parking garage and we approached a parked white Ford or Mazda small hatchback. I don’t know my cars. I think my friend whoever it was opened the car and we put the little dog in there. I vaguely remember the dog barking at us as we were walking away back to the street figuring out what we wanted to do.

At one point I think I went “home” to my sister’s house, with my friend. Then as soon as I walked through the door, she basically comes right into my face and accuses me of being drunk. I don’t think I actually was but I was offended that she’d make an accusation and even if I was drunk I certainly wasn’t sloppy or sick, maybe the worst is tipsy or buzzed. Maybe she was worried because she thought I was walking around the streets drunk. Again I don’t think I was at that moment but so what if I am? I had my wits! I’m a grown women damn it!

Anyway that’s pretty much all I remember.


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