No Shirt No Glory and A Tacky Karaoke Bar

Dreams 06.02.13
I was all set, about to leave the house to run, a half marathon at 11pm. There was about 10 minutes before I needed to leave the house. Then at 10:30pm my mom and other people who were going to watch me run got ready to leave the house. My mom said it might get slightly chilly do you have a long sleeve shirt? I said I can go grab one thinking I knew exactly where there was one.

When I got to my room I looked in the first shelf I thought it would be, wasn’t there. I looked in a few more places, nothing. Then the thought that everyone was waiting for me and it was now 10:40 meaning I could be late for the start of the run, got me panicking. I started ransacking my own room without results. Then I realized I had no choice but to go on without the backup shirt. As I headed towards the front door I stated to imagine running a long time in slightly wet clothes being cold, blown by a gentle cool breeze which might’ve been nice if one wasn’t wet but otherwise would just completely miserable.

Then I went inside a smokey karaoke bar with a date. A tall but otherwise unknown to me in real life man. We seemed to be getting along. We found a booth near the front just on front of the make shift stage awash in tacky neon green and yellow lights. We ordered drinks and I was, after a long day, tired. I put my head on my date’s shoulder, comforted that I had a shoulder to lean on. Then a group of 4-5 middle aged men sat and shared our table. Apparently the place was packed so there was no room at other tables.

After the men got settled I noticed one of them was my old mentor at the TV station. He asked me how life was. He was one who had remarked when he was invited to my wedding IRL how nice it was to know that I ended up with the same guy after a long term relationship. I informed him that I had gotten a divorce and was no longer married (though I still am technically IRL but in the dream no longer). He took the news well, without judgement or shock. He seemed happy and we continues to chit chat and catch up as a group as some random people took the stage singing bad renditions of popular songs.


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