Acoustic Effects and An Overworked Colleague

Dreams 06.06.13
I seem to be out of practice in my recalls. I made a point of telling myself to remember last night but am left this morning with only semi detailed chunks which are fading fast. I am getting lazy and tired of the typing on my phone or writing even on a keyboard process. The lazy part says enough with this already, where ate the brain readers?

I remember two characters from my dreams. Both are people from work. The first is my boss. We were walking around, touring or examining an empty house. It felt like he had just bought the house and we were going to turn it into our workspace and I was in charge somehow. I walked around up to the bedroom above the garage. The floors were all hardwood. It was an older house, creaky in a comforting way, at least 20-30 years old.

I looked out the front window past the generic sheer white curtains down at the lawn. It was a grey and damp day. Nothing much to see except the grass was very green. On the back wall opposite the window was a long white waist height dresser spanning while wall from door to the ensuite bathroom’s door. If you spoke out loud just standing where the edge of the dresser is, at the door with head turned towards the room and not the hallway, you hear your voice come back at you from he hall, from the skylight just outside the took entrance. I tried this with a loom of wonder on my face. Just as my boss was coming up the stairs. He was dresses in a familiar suit. He was a tall guy so he had to duck a little at the top to avoid the diagonal corner. He must’ve seen the look on my face so he asked what I was doing. Obviously he wanted to try it out. He nonchalantly in an almost dance like fashion swung himself, while holding the door frame, into the smaller bedroom directly next to the front room where I was. He swung back out quickly and asked again what I was grinning about. I told him and left the spot, pacing around the test of the room.

He took my place and hollered out down the hall with no effect. He stepped out into the hall past the hallway and did the same thing. No effect. Then he just spoke out loud with head turned into he room and we could both hear the sound bounced back as if we were in a wide hollow hallway, church or cave. I made a passing comment. Something like “that’ll come in handy, eye roll.” It was a really cool effect though.

Afterwards I was in the office. It felt like I went there on a weekend to do extra work. All the cubicles were empty. But i heard mouse clicking and keyboard tapping not far away. I walked from my cubicle over to one of my reports’. This is not the normal layout of the office as I had yo turn a corner before getting there. She’s a cute and pretty girl whom I really enjoy working with. Normally she is stylishly dressed. Not in a ultra trendy or power fashionista kind of way but more in a “I’m hot and I can pretty much throw on anything and look good but out of respect I am dressing up slightly and looking respectable for the office” kind of way. In the dream she was completely covered in an old fashioned nightgown/bathrobe. The kind that was quilted and had buttons all the way up to the neck. Her hair was tied up in a bun loosely. She was leaned back, slouching in her chair as she worked and she had tissue boxes all around her. I was shocked to see her this way but also felt bad because she was obviously sick. I told her she should go home but she insisted she still had a bit of work to do.


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