A Nerd and Her Nerdy Dreams

Dreams 06.07.13
I dreamt that I was sitting inside a classroom in one of those stupid chairs that are individual but have the writing surface built in and you can only get in on one side. I want to say I had a laptop but I know it was actually a desktop computer, taking up more than the entire surface of the “table”. It was one of those older horizontal towers that IBM made for schools so the monitor sat right on top of it. It was wobbly.

I seemed to be looking up at the monitor as if I was smaller physically than I should be. How I managed to use the mouse I do not know, since there was no more surface area to use it on. Anyway it was day time but the blinds were drawn. The lights in the room were off but sunlight came through the cracks on the blinds blinds and lit the room enough. To anyone that walked into the room it would still look like I was trying to sit and hide out in a dark room.

I clicked around mindlessly then stopped, and watched on screen as another user, my friend VN, had remote logged in elsewhere to this particular computer. I don’t understand why…but I saw her trying to open Outlook to read her emails. A part of me got excited that I would get to see someone read through their private communications but VN is my friend so I also felt kind of bad. I was just about to move the mouse again so the user on the other end would know they were not alone on the machine when the door burst open. I heard noises of groups of people chattering at each other come from the adjacent room. The coworker who sits in the cubicle beside me runs up to me. She asks me to remove or delete the access list for certain users including my friend VN.

I was confused but I quickly moved the mouse did a few clicks and then it was done. My coworker was still panicky saying are you sure there isn’t another place where the user names and access might show up. I clicked around some more not finding anything. As I did this I asked her what was going on.

She was babbling. However what I understood was that she had done some people some favours, including my friend VN and granted then access to things they shouldn’t have access. Now somebody “up top” might be going into the system today and if they saw the access protocols breached she may get fired. She kept bugging me again about whether there wasn’t more I could do and I got annoyed. I didn’t say it out right but I basically told her in whatever I said that if she didn’t know how to fix or reverse her sneaky maneuver herself she shouldn’t have done it in the first place. I did what I could to help and if that isn’t good enough then she should always have been ready to face the consequences.

After that I got up out of that ridiculous chair, struggling slightly to get out of it without knocking over the desktop. I walked through the other room completely ignoring the people that logically should be there based on the chatter noises. I walked into and across an empty hallway. The classroom or office door just across the hall was open. I saw myself in third person view stroll in confidently then slammed the door behind me. It wasn’t in an angry fashion. It was more like, “Enough of this bullshit now.” It was dismissive.


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