A Biohazard Onesie

Dreams 06.08.13
For unknown reasons, I was dressed in a biohazard suit. The soles of the feet were not covered in rubber so it was more like a biohazard suit onesie. The clear window from which I could look out was not hard plastic, it was a clear flexible vinyl. For the same unknown reasons, I was following up a man in a similar onesie up a cover ladder. The ladder was inside a tube made of a silver vinyl/fabric material on the inside. The outside was white. It had the accordion folds like flexible vinyl ducting. The ladder was inside this tube but also covered in the white fabric. As I went up it I could feel through my onesie and the ladder’s fabric that the ladder was metal and the rungs were round. I thought to myself how easy it would be to slip off this.

We just kept climbing. When I looked up there was a light way up at the top which shined down and lit parts of the tunnel but it was still dark. We never seemed to reach the top and I still didn’t know why we were going up. I felt like I was a low level crew on a spaceship on a boring routine maintenance run.


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